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Keep cool at any time


Back in the 1990s electronic machine control systems became common features in engineering and required new and innovative cooling solutions. At that time, the cooling unit specialist ritter & bader was already active in the manufacture of control cabinet cooling systems for a range of engineering and production companies in Germany.

“While at first our focus was clearly on cabinets where heat builds up easily and solutions were needed to cut down on downtime and breakdowns, we are now active in three key segments, namely machine cooling, cabinet cooling and special purpose devices. The latter comprises systems for heat pumps, heating and air-conditioning and temperature control. We also offer devices that help cool loudspeaker systems in huge stadiums,” points out Managing Director Franz Ritter. “We have succeeded in setting up a broad portfolio for applications that require sophisticated cooling.”

At its Weißenhorn premises, ritter & bader, which was created through the merger of Bader Engineering and Ritter, employs a workforce of 40 people, generating turnover of eleven million EUR. “We experienced two-digit growth last year, and continuous innovation will help boost our sales volume still further,” says Mr. Ritter.

ritter & bader builds some 6,000 devices per year, offering a range of 500 variations and individual designs. The company cooperates closely with its customers. “We have been designing innovative devices that set new benchmarks in our markets. We have to be technically top-notch to keep our vanguard position in the market,” adds Mr. Ritter.

ritter & bader exports about 5 to 10% of its production, while indirectly its export figure is definitely higher. In order to meet growing demand for cooling systems, the company is currently expanding its assembly hall from 3,600 to 4,600 m2.

“Quality and short reaction times keep us in business today,” says Mr. Ritter. “As a privately-owned company, we are flexible enough to adapt to quickly changing markets. I am convinced that our positive corporate development will continue. The future succession is secured, with my two children ready to take over the management in due course.”

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