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The shape of design


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Advertising, brand design, brand strategy, corporate identity, packaging design, retail branding, website design just to name a few – Robilant provides 360 degree brand and design services that are second to none.

“Over the last years, we have defined a new innovative strategy,” Mr. Botti explains. “We hired many creative employees and gradually expanded our portfolio. Today, we have a mix of different disciplines and everything we offer is produced in-house.”

Robilant was founded in 1985 by Maurizio di Robilant as Italy’s first branding agency. Ever since, Robilant has represented a unique business philosophy. “We created a new kind of design laboratory,” Mr. Botti says. “It is an endless source of inspiration and creativity and absolutely unique. We work for many different clients, big ones and smaller ones, and we support them with comprehensive design and branding solutions. For us, everything is about the identity of a brand. First of all, brands need to find out what they really are. We are interested in stable relationships and accompany clients for many years. Our projects are always tailor-made and always focus on identities: Identities that are not static but change and evolve organically.”

Robilant has a total of 85 employees, 67 of them are designers, including the agency’s five shareholders. “The fact that all shareholders identify with a certain design culture is an important asset,” Mr. Botti states. “As they are always available for clients we better understand their needs. On the other hand, clients never get the feeling of being left alone.”

“We learn from our customers and absorb their mission; we work with them and not for them.” Roger Massimiliano BottiGeneral Manager and Creative Director
Roger Massimiliano Botti

Robilant is based in Milan and works with clients all around the world. Among them are automotive companies, many food and beverage producers and acclaimed players such as Illy, a company that combines the passion for coffee with art and creativity.

Robilant is responsible for the design of Illy’s iconic cans. “We love what we do and are passionate about it,” Mr. Botti points out. “We strictly focus on quality and often say no to projects we cannot identify with. Our aim is to make a difference, to stand out with creative solutions that have an impact. Illy cans for example are simple but remain the same for years. There are certain projects we created 20 years ago and they are still there. This is what I really love about my job.”