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Keeping diabetes well in check


In France, around 3.5 million people suffer from diabetes, another 500.000 are expected to not have been diagnosed yet. Roche Diabetes Care France SAS serves them as well as patients in Luxembourg and French-speaking African regions through pharmacies and specialized suppliers.

“Our mission statement is ‘Doing now what patients need next’”, states Frederic Jacquey, President of Roche Diabetes Care France. “And we work hard to live up to this claim constantly.”

With its product portfolio, Roche Diabetes Care France covers two areas: The company offers various devices and material needed to treat diabetes. It also provides the according services such as offering information on use and options in order to allow patients a more comfortable day-to-day life with the disease.

“Under our brand name, Accu-Chek®, we market blood sugar testing equipment. We have developed a machine with 50 integrated test strips, providing a much easier procedure,” Mr. Jacquey explains.

Another product group, aimed at type one diabetics specifically, are insulin pumps. These pumps, considered medical devices and in France only available by prescription through a specialist doctor, deliver insulin throughout the day thanks to its pre-filled cartridge of insulin. It is these integrated easy-to-use solutions that make for the company’s great success in the market.

“Also, we inform and train pharmacists and staff at diabetic centers and put forward recommendations so that patients can lead a normal life without too many restrictions,” states the President. “In this context we have also developed online solutions to instruct and teach patients on their disease and the best forms of treatment.”

Digital transformation is to play a big part in diabetes management in the future: “We plan to include the entire environment of our patients, connecting all the data which will constantly be updated and exchanged, thus improving treatment,” Mr. Jacquey explains.

Other important developments coming up in the near future are the Accu Chek Solo insulin pump in form of a small and discrete patch, and a interstitial sugar sensor of the size of a rice grain, which will be implanted invisibly under the skin and give access to data via an app. “The aim in everything we do is a better life for our patients.”

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