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Improving performance sustainably


Rockwell Automation is the world’s leading company dedicated to industrial automation. This six-billion-USD company has its EMEA headquarters in Brussels. With four major goals to enhance a business’s competitiveness, namely innovation, globalisation, productivity and sustainability, Rockwell Automation serves as a compelling partner for forward-looking businesses.

In 1903, Lynde Bradley and Dr. Stanton Allen founded an enterprise that made electronic components under the now globally renowned Rockwell Automation brand Allen-Bradley. With its first operations outside North America starting in the UK in 1969, Rockwell Automation’s foundation for worldwide operations was laid and has been built upon ever since.

“In recent years, we have acquired several industry-leading companies and integrated their specialist offerings into our own extensive product and service portfolio,” explains Hedwig Maes, Rockwell Automation’s EMEA president.

Rockwell Automation solutions are designed to improve every stage of the manufacturing process. “The industrial components, standard and medium voltage drives and sensing products remain an important part of our portfolio but are just the beginning of our overall offering,” comments Mr. Maes. “Our customers also rely on our industry-specific software solutions, our scalable, modular multidisciplined control platforms, consulting services and technical support to achieve smooth operations in their industrial automation systems at all levels of their operations.”

Enabling customers to grow and providing ‘right-sized’ solutions has become another defining factor in the Rockwell Automation approach to the market, not least through the company’s integrated architecture. “We help to create flexibility in automation through control platforms that can be implemented with future growth or development needs in mind.”

Regarding Rockwell Automation’s commitment to sustainability, Mr. Maes says, “We are committed to providing solutions that reduce waste, use energy more efficiently, are safe for employees, customers and the environment, and help our customers to stay competitive in the global marketplace. It is good business – for us, our customers and the planet – and will remain an important mission for us.”

Today, 4,000 of a global workforce of more than 21,000 are based in EMEA. “The EMEA region now accounts for approaching a quarter of our global revenues, and we have shown strong and consistent year-on-year growth here,” explains Mr. Maes. “Our dedication to industrial automation technology, delivered in a safe and sustainable manner and supported by a solid global partner network, means we are uniquely placed to help our customers succeed and grow in the modern technological environment.”

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