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On the lookout for customer satisfaction


Ever since its inception in 1935, the name of Roto has been synonymous with cutting-edge technology. Founder Wilhelm Frank developed the first industrially produced tilt & turn hardware, a pioneering achievement that paved the way for the company’s growth from a one-man business into an international group.

Roto has been guided by the needs of practice ever since and proceeded to develop innovative, secure hardware systems that raise the value of windows – and of the buildings they are fitted in.

“Our products are the result of our continuous dialogue with customers,” emphasizes Stephan Jörg Hettwer, responsible for south-east Europe as the area comprising the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Italy and the Balkan States. “According to market research, we attain an exceptional level of customer satisfaction.”

The wide range of roof windows and accessories offered by Roto střešní okna today meets the most demanding expectations regarding quality, functional value and convenience. Roto roof windows can be operated with only one hand at the bottom of the window and an provide unobstructed view.

Roto střešní okna offers complete solutions including roller blinds, shutters and accessories. Close contact to customers provide the basis for technically advanced solutions tailored to individual needs. “Our products and services yield maximum benefits for customers and partners,” explains Mr. Hettwer. “We produce windows in the required dimensions at little extra cost, a unique service that saves a great deal of problems and permits the adaptation to different national building standards.”

The Czech Republic, with its high demand for quality, is the company’s most important market in Southeastern Europe. Roto střešní okna cooperates closely with trading partners and roof installers and even has its own training center. The ‘RotoKampus’ provides courses on installation, sales and projecting for about 800 attendants a year and accommodates showrooms and warehousing facilities.

Production itself takes place in Germany and Poland, where Roto’s purpose-built plant was elected “Factory of the Year” recently. Roto will continue to develop innovative solutions with particular attention to window technology and energy efficiency, securing its leadership position on the lookout for customer satisfaction.

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