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The perfect professional match


Whether a financial, banking, IT or legal executive is in need of job placement, Rowlands can help him or her find the perfect one. The Rowlands consultants are specialized mainly in these fields as well as in all support functions, such as sales, marketing and office management, which qualifies them to properly place executives and managers in their field of work.

These executives, or candidates, are recommended to companies by the consultants in the hope that an open position can be filled. However, before this step can happen, the consultants must find suitable candidates for various positions, and this is an ongoing process.

“Finding the right talents who have all the technical and personal skills required by our clients and whose professional goals match with their business’s needs – that’s our daily challenge,” says Senior Recruitment Consultant Frédérique Sine. “In fact, we have a specific training program for our employees in which they specialize in the selection of middle and top management candidates, such as direct approach methods, behaviour-based interviews and recognized assessment tools.”

Rowlands works mostly with candidates and companies from the financial and accounting sectors. These make up about 50% of its business. It also specializes in the legal and IT sectors.

“Right now, about 25% of our business comes from the IT field,” says Ms. Sine. “But since there is a lot of potential and room for growth in this industry with cloud computing, big data and digitalization, we hope to further specialize in it.”

Rowlands is well-known in the European HR market. It has been located in Luxembourg for 25 years and has accumulated a large database of candidates. “We know the needs of our company clients and their markets,” explains Ms. Sine. “All of our consultants have been in this business for many years. We have specialized in our own core-competencies – we are experts.”

The company hopes to expand in the future and maintain its success in recruitment services and HR advisory. To expand its selection of skilled executives, Rowlands uses relevant European online job boards and social media outlets, and in addition to that, it can rely on its own international sourcing delivery center. Candidates benefit from Rowlands’ services because they are paired with a job that suits their abilities, and companies benefit from the services because they are introduced to qualified professionals fit for the job.

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