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The German Design Award, the Red dot design award and even the Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI are just a few of the many awards the company has received for its product designs. “We are especially proud about receiving the Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI, an Italian industrial design award which has been given to firms such as Ferrari, Ducati and Armani,” says Export Manager Mario Meniconi. “We were the first producer of sanitary fittings to receive this prize.”

This success is an ideal basis for the further development of the company and Rubinetterie 3M is ready to conquer the international markets. This year, the Italian firm celebrates its 50th anniversary. It was established in 1968 in Tuscany by Renato Michelangioli, Armando Medina and Guido Mencarelli. Until 2000, Rubinetterie 3M had only been active as a supplier for established brands, providing services related to the tap production process.

“Since 2000, we have established relationships with designers and architects, launching our own brand,” states Mr. Meniconi. “We wanted to create something different to other products available on the market. Our design is always fresh and new, characterized by the influence of successful Italian architects and designers.”

Rubinetterie 3M provides a broad range of products in different collections, offering a complete solution in the area of sanitary fittings. The product line INOX with its 5mm series, for example, which was designed by Ocostudio e ing.

Castagnoli, stands out due to its sophisticated and cutting edge design. 5 mm, with its constant 5 mm thickness was awarded several times, setting new standards when it comes to aesthetics, environmental sustainability and water saving.

The 22mm series is the latest innovation in the INOX collection, which is characterized by a new miniaturization technology of technical parts that allows it to have a diameter of 22 mm for all parts of the tap, from the spout to its controls. The ARCHÈ series from the DESIGN collection was designed by Danilo Fedeli and is another example for the exceptional design.

Our design is always fresh and new, characterized by the influence of successful Italian architects and designers. Mario MeniconiExport Director

“This product is made of Etnite, an innovative and completely natural compound extracted from the volcanic lava of Mount Etna,” explains the Export Manager. “This extraordinary element has unusual characteristics such as non-slip, draining, natural, antibacterial, shock-resistant and with an unmistakable feel. We also offer models with coloured Swarovski crystal inserts and mixers that create an attractive waterfall effect that produces constant clear jets of water.”

The range comprises sink mixer taps, a bidet mixer tap, mixer taps for baths, and a shower head with chrome, brush nickel, white/chrome and black/chrome finishes. In addition, each product can be adapted to the individual requirements of the customers.

With its innovative, stylish and high quality products, Rubinetterie 3M has become a preferred brand around the world. About 65% of the products are exported to countries such as France, Canada, the USA or China. Every customer is cordially invited to visit the company in Tuscany to take a look at the production.

“We invest a lot of money in customers visiting our premises,” says Mr. Meniconi. “This way, they can experience our ability to create great designs and our commitment to quality. We can also show them that we are able to customize every order. Our aim for the future is to be able to realize every requirement. Many of our customers work together with the big players in the industry, but if they want something unique or original, they come to us.”