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Securing the future with technology


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Founded in 1994 in Sárvár in western Hungary, S-Group initially focused on security services, but quickly added facility management to its portfolio to meet the demand, particularly from multinational clients, for a comprehensive service.

Today, S-Group offers an extensive range of security and facility management services. Its security service includes the traditional manned service – in other words, security guards – and a wide range of sophisticated technical systems, such as alarm and entry systems, and video surveillance. The company also undertakes remote surveillance from its offices in Sárvár and Budapest.

The second arm of S-Group’s portfolio consists of a full facility management service, including cleaning, gardening, and technical operation and maintenance services at, for instance, power plants. S-Group has grown constantly, due partly to its multinational client base, but also as a result of its continual quest for innovative solutions.

Drones are becoming a part of everyday life, and S-Group have incorporated them into its service to great effect. “We are probably one of the pioneers in Hungary in this area,” says Sales Director Tamás Mihálka. “Drones allow us to offer additional and alternative services using technology instead of human resources. They can be used for many different applications, such as building inspection and the agricultural sector. Our devices, which are co-developed with a business partner being responsible for the technical setup, are very advanced and are tailor made to meet the needs of the security market. They save costs too; companies can team up with partners in the same area and one person can operate a drone which surveys all of their premises. Right now, only really innovative companies are interested but, in time, I believe this solution will become common.”

“Right now, only really innovative companies are interested in using drones as a security device but, in time, I believe this solution will become common.” Tamás MihálkaSales Director

While cost saving is important for many organizations, cost saving in relation to its workforce is not something that interests S-Group. In fact, quite the contrary. “The costs of a human workforce in Hungary are increasing by up to 25% a year,” notes Mr. Mihálka. “However, wages here are still much lower than in Western Europe. As a result, our rates are well above the market because we want to attract and retain the best people; the focus in the future will be on more educated staff. We invest in our human workforce with good pay rates, education and continuous training to enable us to offer a good service. Our whole philosophy is people driven: ‘customer first and focus on employees’. It is important to treat people – customers and staff – as human beings.”

Nevertheless, technology will play a crucial role in S-Group’s future growth, with technical services being offered across Western Europe. “Intelligent technologies are the future,” emphases Mr. Mihálka. “We have added new services to our portfolio and will continue to be flexible to meet the needs of a fast-changing market in both the security and maintenance sectors.”