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Designer sofas, versatile living


Founded in 1988, Saba manufactures sofas and armchairs plus a range of accessories including tables, bookcases and shelves, all created by carefully selected designers, some of whom Saba has worked with on a long-term basis.

In addition, new designers are introduced every year to ensure that the portfolio is continually injected with new perspectives. The external designers complement Saba’s own workforce of 39, whose focus includes the technical design and the constant search for original new fabrics.

Sofas are the core business and generate 85% of Saba’s turnover; its collections include the long-running Ananta Class, which is to be restyled in 2016 for the first time in 17 years. This was one of Saba’s first sofas, a classic piece of furniture which can be remodelled to become longer or shorter, with removable arms which can be attached in different positions.

“All of our furniture is 100% made in Italy and combines flexible functionality and artistic design with real feeling,” says Owner and Creative Director Amelia Pegorin. “Without the emotional aspect, design just doesn’t work.”

A later achievement for the company was to produce sofas without mechanical elements which were nevertheless adjustable. The Up and Livingstone models were the very successful result of this idea.

More recently Saba has focused on a design offering timeless elegance with a luxurious feel, resulting in the striking New York collection, the epitome of urban chic. Saba supplies the retail market through a team of 18 representatives in Italy and serves its foreign markets through agents who take care of customer relationships in Europe, in particular Germany, France and Austria, North America and Russia.

“There is still huge export potential,” explains Export Manager Carlo Pancino. “North America and the UK are important markets for us, and there are still new opportunities in France.”

Retail will remain the focus, although Saba has recently undertaken some small architectural contracts and is planning to develop its ability in this area. Other future plans include strengthening its sales network both in the retail and contract areas. Top priority, however, is of course the continuing production of top-quality, flexible, beautifully designed furniture using only the best materials and working with the most creative designers.

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