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Flexibility in the concrete industry


SACAC is a leader in the spun concrete and HPC (high-performance concrete) precast elements market in Switzerland and home to Switzerland’s largest centrifuge system. Spun concrete refers to concrete created through a process in which the concrete is poured into a rotating mould and hardens to create a cylinder.

These concrete cylinders are then used as poles, columns and other supports. Each piece is produced individually within precise quality assurance guidelines. SACAC also creates large, flat facades through a different process.

The company developed Carbolith®, a combination of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic and high-performance concrete. This concrete is especially strong and holds up against corrosion much better than typical concrete. Carbolith® allows SACAC to create unusually large, thin-walled pieces (4.5 cm) generally used as custom facades.

This technology was originally developed in close collaboration with the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research EMPA and was further optimized by SACAC. The company sets itself apart by working with its customers to develop solutions to any construction problem, like the unique diagonal supports created for one recent building.

Managing Director Jan Kottucz points out that the company’s flexibility and innovation are two of its most important qualities. The company also excels in reliability and quality. This stability is partially due to SACAC’s 100 employees, including many who have been with the company for their entire careers.

The company is still privately owned by the family which founded it in 1946 in Bodio, Ticino. In 1967, the company was moved to its current home in Lenzburg. SACAC’s turnover is in the eight figure range, according to Mr. Kottucz. Most of its business takes place in Switzerland, but about 10% is exported, especially to France, England and Italy.

SACAC’s products are used in general construction, electricity industry, civil engineering and highway construction. The company has seen moderate but steady growth in recent years.

In the future, an increased international marketing presence is planned, and the company looks forward to more expansion. There is expected to be an increased demand for Carbolith® facades, especially outside of Switzerland.

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