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Captivating timepieces


Salanitro SA has amassed over a quarter of a century of experience serving the needs of the international watch industry. Its offices in Geneva place it at the heart of an industry that prizes luxury and quality above all else.

“We work for all of the major watchmaking groups and manufacture watches for many of the world’s leading brands,” says Mr. Salanitro. “We make watches for over 40 different brands worldwide, but our contacts are all located here in Switzerland, which is acknowledged as the center of the watch industry.”

Switzerland’s position at the heart of the industry is based on a long tradition – one that Salanitro is keen to uphold. “We have arrived at a critical point for the Swiss watch industry with the strength of the franc making export markets more challenging and the aftereffects of the financial crisis still being felt,” says Mr. Salanitro. “We have to find solutions to ensure that standards are not adversely effected. I am sure we will overcome this challenge.”

Salanitro does not design the watches it makes, but it happens sometimes. It acts as a contract manufacturer, turning its clients’ designs into reality. It has several patents and specializes in the watch case, dial and bracelet rather than the internal movement.

“We embellish the watch using sophisticated and precious metals such as gold, platinum, or other metals like steel, palladium, aluminium, silver and titanium and decorate the exterior with precious stones,” says Mr. Salanitro. “We cover the entire process in house and can offer a full range of manufacturing techniques for both serial production and customized watches.”

The company is fully vertically integrated in its production capacity and does not rely on subcontractors. It has its own innovation department.

Salanitro advises its clients on technical questions relating to the manufacture of their designs. It has the best expert technical teams, who work hand in hand with clients to translate their vision, however avant-garde, first into a prototype and then into serial production.

The technical teams use their experience to evaluate customer projects from the points of view of viability, reliability and feasibility.

“We are known for being able to realize even the wildest of ideas, but we have to make clear to the client what outlandish ideas will mean in terms of cost,” says Mr. Salanitro. “As a result we differentiate between our ‘off the peg’ and ‘haute couture’ technical offices.”

The team in the ‘off the peg’ office works closely with the client from start to finish. It uses this privileged relationship to reduce development and production costs while maximizing the final product.

A similar approach is taken by the ‘haute couture’ office, but it offers added reactivity and extreme confidentiality to create luxury jewellery pieces or small series items with high added value.

Manufacturing takes place at Salanitro’s workshops in Geneva. Much has been invested in its production workshops in recent years to ensure that they are the most modern in Switzerland, including the purchase of CNC machining centers.

This year will see the completion of a project to join its two factories in Geneva through an extension, which will also provide ample space for future expansion.

“We are already the largest suppliers in our area of activity,” says Mr. Salanitro. “We are vast and reliable with a strong internal organization that guarantees optimal efficiency. Our success has been built on the fact that we have had the best and most unique experience in our area for over 25 years. If this were not the case, they would not come to us. We are also highly flexible. Our clients can take advantage of our fully turnkey service or choose to avail themselves of individual services from our portfolio. At the end of the day, it is quality that counts, and ours is indisputable.”

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