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Moving people since 1948


EB: Mr. Schroeder, what are the advantages of buses?

Wolfgang Schroeder: Buses are flexible, safe and reliable. Due to old ideas about their comfort, safety and environmental impact, they had a negative image, but this view is completely outdated. They are a modern way to travel and can significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Our commuter buses are all equipped with Wi-Fi, so people can use their smartphones, tablets or notebooks on their way to work. In addition, they are very safe.

EB: Sales-Lentz is the leading bus transportation company in Luxembourg. What kinds of services do you offer?

Wolfgang Schroeder: We offer a broad portfolio of bus transportation for all passengers wishing to travel independently by bus. Whatever their destinations, needs and desires, we do our best to meet their requirements with simple, accessible and user-friendly transport solutions. Our core business is local public transportation, including school buses. In addition, we offer Flexibuses, which is an on-demand system for people in selected regions where there is no public transportation. This concept is seen as very attractive. We also offer consultancy services for other cities and municipalities with our SMOVE mobility consulting. Our Night Riders are night buses which operate at the weekends, taking people to discos, theaters or other locations. We also rent buses for corporate events, club outings or other private trips, operate sightseeing buses and offer solutions for people with reduced mobility called Adapto.

EB: Sales-Lentz has been in business for more than 65 years. What are the most important milestones of the company?

Wolfgang Schroeder: The family business was founded in 1948 by Mr. Sales and Ms. Lentz. Today the group, which is owned by Marc and Jos Sales, has a staff of more than 800 people. The Sales-Lentz Group has a fleet of nearly 500 vehicles in Luxembourg and is also active in the business areas of travel through our sister company “We love to Travel”, public and school transport, airport shuttles with our subsidiary Travel Pro, business travel, general services with shuttles for businesses and events, disabled transportation, party buses, and Voyages Léonard, a subsidiary located in Belgium.

EB: How important is sustainability for Sales-Lentz?

Wolfgang Schroeder: As a transportation company, we have a huge social responsibilty. Sustainability is very important, and we invest a great share of our revenues in this area. For instance, we were the first company worldwide to use Volvo hybrid buses. In 2011 our goal was to reduce our CO2 emissions by 5% within five years. We have been able to reach a reduction of 7% within three years and are very proud of this result. Next year, we will start to using plug-in hybrid buses. Many large companies come to us and use our consultancy services and experience in the mobility sector. Electric mobility will become more and more important in the next years, and cities such as Paris, Amsterdam or London are planning to drive completely with electricity by 2030. Mobility behaviour is changing, and we want to contribute to this change, knowing that the goal set by the city of Luxembourg is for 25% of journeys in the city to be made by bus.

EB: Mr. Schroeder, thank you for your time.

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