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First-rate functionality


Sanka is specialized in high-quality shower and bathroom furniture. The company’s own Karibia collection includes shower cabinets, shower cubicles, shower walls and shower trays for various types of bathrooms. In addition, Sanka markets products from affiliated companies in the Finnish market: the ARC shower wall collection and Aspen bathroom furniture.

The shower walls in the ARC collection feature especially thick and durable glass, and are entirely free of profile edges, thus giving every bathroom a refined, elegant style. The same is true for the Aspen range of bathroom cabinets, vanity cabinets and other well-designed, Nordic bathroom furniture.

With its comprehensive offering and commitment to immaculate quality and unmatched functionality, Sanka is the market leader in shower furniture in Finland. “Our products work exactly as they should and as expected by the most discerning customer,” Director Marko Saarikoski describes the company’s recipe for success.

Sanka was founded in 1950. Ever since then, the company has been involved in the production of highquality plastic parts. “Our first products were eyeglass frames, which are called sanka in Finnish,” Mr. Saarikoski explains the origin of the company’s name. Sanka started concentrating on shower and bathroom furniture in the 1970s. Following various changes in ownership in the 1980s and 1990s, the company became a member of the Swedish Vanna Group in 2010.

Besides Sanka, Vanna comprises two other leading Nordic suppliers of bathroom equipment: INR and Aspen. Sanka has 20 employees and turns over four million EUR. The company produces approximately 20,000 shower units annually at its factory in the south of Finland. “All our products are designed and manufactured at our plant in Loviisa and bear the Finnish flag symbol to emphasize their Finnish origin,” states Mr. Saarikoski.

Sanka supplies specialist bathroom retailers as well as the wholesale trade and construction firms. The company is also well known in the cruise industry as it is a major provider of shower cubicles for luxury cruise ships built in Finland. To date, Sanka has been focused almost entirely on the domestic market, with exports to neighbouring Sweden accounting for a mere 1 to 2%.

With growing integration into the Vanna Group and the realisation of synergy effects, this is due to change, however. “We are currently adapting our product range to the group portfolio and will strengthen our distribution in Finland this year,” says Mr. Saarikoski. “Then, step by step, we plan to develop other Scandinavian markets as well as countries outside the Nordic region.”

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