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A tradition of fine leather


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Four generations of the Santori family have worked hard to make the company one of the leaders in the industry. “Continuous innovation, new ideas and a modern approach have played a significant role in the successful development of our firm in recent years,” states Andrea Santori, President and CFO. “Our aim is to continue the tradition of our family, passing on a successful business to the next generation.”

Santori was founded in 1890 by Vincenzo Santori, who started the business selling rabbit skins as well as tanned leathers. The business grew continuously, and especially after the Second World War, the company supported the shoe manufacturers in the region through industrial expansion.

Together with its customers, Santori Pellami was able to grow, establishing additional production facilities in the south of Italy as well as in Portugal, China, Spain and Bulgaria. The company has become an expert in leather workmanship, using different processing techniques to produce different varieties of surfaces and colours.

The range comprises leather for lining as well as leather for upper of shoes for women, men and children. In addition, Santori offers leather for bags and belts. “In general, we provide leather from calf, pigskin, goat and lamb in a wide range of colours and finishes,” says Mr. Santori, who leads the company as the fourth generation of the Santori family.

“For ten years now, we have also been offering a completely eco-friendly product called Naturella, which, being ecologic, antiallergenic and certified in terms of biodegradability by the University of Bologne, is perfectly suitable for children’s shoes. This product was created according to our own requirements, but it has become very successful. We have always tried to adapt our products and services to the demands of our customers.”

Today, Santori employs 60 staff in eight subsidiaries and realizes annual turnover of 22 million EUR. Almost 50% of sales are exported worldwide. The company has proven itself a reliable partner in the industry, with high-quality products and a professional market approach.

“We are a company with a very long tradition, and I am proud to be part of our family business,” points out Mr. Santori. “A large part of our family is involved; we have grown up with the company. We want to maintain our tradition and remain a reliable partner for our customers.”