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Keeping the air healthy and clean


“We are sure that we can achieve a lot with our staff,”he confirms. “Our master engineers and technicians are very well trained and draw on years of experience. We try to combine the enthusiasm and eagerness of our younger employees with the know-how and experience of our long-term staff members. We are going to keep developing our business to further improve the quality and efficiency of our services. This year, we are focusing on preparing our business for the expected upswing in 2014.”

To structure its growth, SAR PW recently established a special development department. The new department carries out development projects and leads the planning and control cycles so that the results of all development-supporting activities can be anticipated at an early stage.

“This new unit enables us to grow and develop our business without having to slow down our day-today operations,” says Mr. Różycki. Last year, SAR PW also introduced a sales department responsible for growing sales from major Design Build-Operate-Maintain contracts.

This important strategic move was made to increase the company’s market share and enter new markets. The dynamic business also created a new type of parameterized service aimed at ensuring functional safety measured by uninterrupted functioning, which is of particular importance in Data Centers.

As a result, SAR PW is able to provide functional safety service at the TIER 2/3 level in terms of HVAC&R and electrical power. Also, given the lack of modern air cleanliness regulations for operating theaters in Poland, SAR PW is developing a solution that would ensure cleanliness control in Polish operating theaters, based on the DIN 1946-4 and PN EN ISO 14644 regulations.

This solution is expected to allow an introduction of a cleanliness criterion as a performance parameter. Simultaneously, the company keeps proposing and promoting uniform air cleanliness standards in operating theaters in Poland, hoping that they turn into official regulations in the near future.

“At the end of the day, the satisfaction of our clients determines our success,”says Mr. Różycki. “We also place great emphasis on training and the accumulation of know-how. This is the only way we can guarantee high-quality technical maintenance services for our clients’ facilities and deal with complex technical challenges and extraordinary demands in Design-Build-OperateMaintain projects. Our mission is to make our customers aware that maintenance is crucial to all technical systems to guarantee a healthy and user-friendly climate.”

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