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Contributing to an environment that is worth living in


Around 40,000 industrial and commercial companies and 1,600 municipalities are part of Saubermacher’s customer structure.

“We serve the complete customer portfolio, offering individual service packages for the collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste,” illustrates Member of the Executive Board Ralf Mittermayr. “We have our own waste processing plants to ensure the quality of the resources and to increase the recycling rate. In this way we can contribute to a cleaner environment.”

Around 3,200 employees, 300 million EUR in turnover, 92 locations in six countries worldwide and a fleet of more than 600 special vehicles – these are just a few impressive numbers describing the Austrian waste treatment and recycling specialist.

Today, the group of companies is active in Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Abu Dhabi, realizing about 40% of its turnover abroad.

“Saubermacher has become a renowned brand, and we are the leading waste management company in terms of innovation and quality in Austria,” says Mr. Mittermayr. “We are constantly expanding our international activities, offering special solutions in the area of waste management.”

The company plans to acquire green-tech firms in Central and Northern Europe to further expand its geographic footprint. “Sustainable and responsible use of existing resources, reuse of raw materials derived from waste, and an increase in recycling rates to protect the environment and enhance quality of life”: This is the philosophy of Saubermacher according to its Founder and current Chairman of its Supervisory Board Hans Roth, who founded the company together with his wife Margret Roth in 1979.

The company has been working constantly on new solutions and strategies to optimize waste management and disposal. Saubermacher’s latest guiding principle of Zero Waste aims to make all waste recyclable.

“As a waste disposal company, we do not aim to produce no waste at all, but to process and recycle all waste materials,” explains the Member of the Executive Board. “Our goal is to find solutions for material recycling or thermal utilization for all waste streams to avoid waste ending up in landfills. This way, they can be returned to the production cycle, and the impact of the waste on the environment can be reduced.”

In its research and development department, the company develops efficient and innovative recycling methods to utilize the waste materials in the best way possible.

In April 2015, for instance, Saubermacher put a plant into operation, which generates domestic water from industrial hazardous sewage.

With the chemical and physical biology (PB) plant, which is located near Graz, 20,000 t of industrial sewage can be processed, generating 2,000 t of reusable materials and domestic water. “This is definitely a step in the right direction,” points out Mr. Mittermayr.

Intelligent logistics control systems to optimize waste streams are another part of the Zero Waste strategy. In addition, Saubermacher has a fleet of more than 600 special vehicles for different kinds of waste. Professional route planning ensures the efficient collection of the waste and avoids empty journeys.

“Already at waste collection, the different materials are gathered and transported separately,” explains Mr. Mittermayr. “A good sorting of the waste is crucial for efficient waste management. Therefore, it is important to raise the awareness of the people in this area. Correct waste separation is the first step to successful recycling and environmentally friendly disposal.”

For this reason, Saubermacher provides bins and containers in different sizes and designs to ensure correct waste separation and collection.

To help people sort their waste, Saubermacher also created the new service app Daheim, which means ‘at home’. With the smartphone and tablet app, users receive instructions and advice for the correct disposal of their waste at home.

“This app demonstrates our approach to closing material cycles, which goes far beyond our traditional business segment,” says Mr. Mittermayr.

With its subsidiary Saubermacher Outsourcing GmbH, the company offers specialized staff to collect and sort waste that is produced in manufacturing processes. Accurate sorting offers additional benefits to the factories as properly sorted residual materials achieve higher prices.

Another unique selling proposition of Saubermacher is its close collaboration with the public authorities. The company has eight public private partnerships in Austria and a total of 20 within the entire group, in which it holds a 50% share, in order to generate the best of both worlds.

In the future, the company aims to expand its activities to become an international green-tech provider. “As a strong brand and leading company regarding the quality and innovative leadership of our waste management solutions, it is our responsibility to ensure the sustainable and responsible use of our resources,” states Mr. Mittermayr. “With our efficient waste disposal solutions, we want to keep on contributing to an environment that is worth living in.”

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