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The most beautiful resort in Carlsbad


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The Savoy Westend Hotel occupies one of the most picturesque collections of historical style buildings in Karlovy Vary. Housed in a cluster of five charming villas in the Westend district, one of the best locations in the town, the resort opened 14 years ago after a complete refurbishment of the buildings, which are over 120 years old.

“The refurbishment has been spectacularly successful and has retained the historic character of the buildings while incorporating new features such as a restaurant and extensive spa area,” says General Manager Vanja Desmonde, who joined Savoy Westend Hotel a year ago after working in the hotel business for 17 years for leading names such as Marriott. “What really sets us apart is the fact that we are the only hotel in Karlovy Vary to hold a certificate from the Czech Ministry of Health for our medical center.”

The center employs 35 medical staff including three doctors, a nutritionist, three physiotherapists and ten massage therapists. Savoy Westend specializes in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, weight issues, problems in the musculoskeletal system, chronic fatigue and stress syndrome, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In the hotel’s laboratory, a comprehensive diagnosis of health and a number of specific examinations can be conducted. Free nurse services are available around the clock.

As a certified medical center, Savoy Westend Hotel is able to offer diagnosis as well as treatment, which can then be continued when patients return home. All treatments include drinking the famous spring water. “There are 13 separate springs in the area, each of which has its own unique composition of minerals,” explains Ms. Desmonde. “People come here to seek relief for gastroenterological or dermatological disorders, to recover from surgery or to treat obesity and many other problems.”

However, not all of the hotel’s guests are there because they are unwell. An increasingly large majority visit the hotel to enjoy a little five-star luxury in stunning surroundings. “Karlovy Vary used to have a reputation as a place for elderly people,” notes Ms. Desmonde. “Our experience is showing that this is no longer the case and the average age of our guests is going down steadily. We have adjusted our programme of medical and spa treatments to respond to this trend with the addition of weight loss programmes and beauty treatments for both men and women. We even have offers for children to attract more families.”

Vanja Desmonde
We will be opening a new sauna and salt grotto in time for the May holidays. Vanja DesmondeGeneral Manager

The hotel boasts 113 rooms, apartments and suites as well as two restaurants, the King’s Club bar and the largest indoor hotel swimming pool in Karlovy Vary. The hotel spa offers a massage center, fitness rooms and Asklepion cosmetics center. Last year saw the opening of a new fine dining restaurant featuring a unique cuisine.

“The new Savoy Royal Restaurant serves its own unique interpretation of traditional dishes to delight our guests. Under this aegis, guests can look forward to a constantly changing menu of fresh and seasonal dishes cooked to the highest possible standard,” says Ms. Desmonde.

The outstanding welcome and facilities offered at Savoy Westend Hotel mean that more than half of bookings are from repeat guests who visit the hotel at least once a year. The average length of stay for guests visiting for medical purposes is 10 days but a growing number of people now visit on short breaks.

“We are very active on Instagram and Facebook and have seen an increase in guests from places like Germany in addition to our traditional customer base in Russia and the CIS,” says Ms. Desmonde. “We are also starting to see more visitors from the Middle East. We are striving to constantly meet guests’ suggestions and renew our offerings. For that reason, we will be opening a new sauna and salt grotto in time for the May holidays. Our goal is to set the benchmark for others in the town to aspire to.”