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The world of scaffolding


“Our activities fall into several different product or market combinations,” explains CEO Dr. Tino Vinkesteijn. “Firstly, there is the industrial sector including projects for power plants, refineries and chemical plants. Second comes the construction sector. Here, we focus on the maintenance, renovation and construction of buildings. In the infrastructure market, we are involved in building projects for bridges or larger metro stations.”

Depending on the requirements, Scafom-rux offers industrial scaffolding systems, facade scaffolding solutions and props for the shoring market and for commercial and concrete construction.

Following a customer-oriented philosophy, Scafom-rux not only sells its scaffolding but also offers rental solutions. In China and through ‘Safe’, its Benelux subsidiary, the company acts as a full-service partner and carries out complete projects from the erection through to the dismantling of the system.

At present Ringscaff is the company’s flagship solution. The modular scaffolding system is used for several industrial applications worldwide thanks to its flexibility and easy handling.

Duralok is another important solution, used for industrial projects and shoring systems. The company’s frame scaffolding (Framescaff and Super 65/100) is mostly used to give access to facades, for example, for painting or renovation work.

Currently, Scafom-rux is engaged in major infrastructure development projects in China. Also, the company is involved in projects in Saudi Arabia, providing the complete offshore solution for a pipeline. Big projects in Cuba, Peru and Spain complement the company’s project list.

“We are active on all continents across the globe,” says Dr. Vinkesteijn. “One of our greatest assets is that we are able to develop customized solutions for our global clients which are individually adapted to their needs. Enterprises such as Keafer and Doka already reap the benefits of this. As national regulations differ widely, we also offer a wide range of standard solutions suited to the particular regulations of each country. Last but not least, our products are compatible with other internationally used systems and hold current mixing certifications. This enables us to follow our clients wherever they go.”

Founded by Frans Brinkmann in 1978, Scafom-rux started from scratch. Over the years, the business grew, and from 2000, new production facilities were established to release new capacities, in support of international commercial business.

Since 2003, the company has been consistently pushing its international activities. Altogether, Scafom-rux has a staff of 1,200. Scafom-rux will not rest on its laurels in the coming years.

“At present, we focus strongly on the industrial sector,” says the CEO. “Yet, our scaffolding solutions are also suitable for the construction and infrastructure sectors. We will grow our activities in these markets in the coming years. Also, we aim to enhance our international market position. Our goal is to open up new market segments for all three sectors – for the industrial, the construction and the infrastructure sectors.”

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