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Lifting safety to new levels


Scanclimber is a leading, globally operating manufacturer of mast climbing work platforms, construction hoists and industrial hoists for the transport of man and material.

Providing an economical and safe alternative to traditional scaffolding, the company is headquartered in Pirkkala in the south of Finland. The group has a manufacturing plant in Poland, operates sales subsidiaries in Germany and France, and has dealers in Japan, Turkey, Malaysia, Australia, Kuwait, the United Arabian Emirates, Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine.

Scanclimber was established in 1989 and belonged to the German Plettac Company between 1997 and 2003. “When Plettac ran into financial problems, its shares were purchased by a group of Finnish individuals,” explains CFO Peter Holm. “Since 2008, we have been majority-owned by Eqvitec Partners, a private investment and asset holding company for technology investments.” In 2011 ownership of the company was transferred to the operating management and Pohjola Bank.

Scanclimber employs a total of 215 people and has an annual turnover of 15 million EUR.

The company supports construction projects and industrial hoisting applications worldwide, with a focus on Europe and the Nordic region. The equipment portfolio of Scanclimber includes SCANCLIMBER® mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms, passenger and material hoists, industrial hoists, and special, custom-built hoists. All the products are designed to suit the needs of different high-rise jobs and the individual contractor or rental company.

“The majority of our customers are rental companies operating in scaffolding, work platform, construction hoists and equipment rental,” states Mr. Holm. “The remaining customers are construction companies or their subcontractors that prefer to own vertical access equipment instead of renting their own, as well as industrial customers.” The SCANCLIMBER® mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms and construction hoists are used both in new construction and restoration projects.

Applications include window fitting, facade cladding, bricklaying, plastering and insulation. The material and personnel hoists are used for vertical transportation jobs on construction and industrial sites. Scanclimber also offers special solutions for the cooling towers of power plants, bridges and wind mills. The comprehensive equipment range is rounded off by extensive services, including repairs and maintenance, spare parts, technical support and safety training. Scanclimber equipment has many advantages.

“Compared to conventional scaffolding, our vertical access solutions save costs and enhance productivity, quality and safety,” says Mr. Holm. “They are also much faster. Our platforms can be set up in a single day.” Another distinguishing feature of Scanclimber equipment is load capacity. “Our strength is heavy equipment with high load capacities,” states Mr. Holm.

In addition, Scanclimber vertical access solutions are highly durable and operate for an average of 20 years. They are strong, reliable and easy to use. And if a standard product is not sufficient, Scanclimber develops a custom-engineered solution that 100% meets the customer’s individual requirements.

An exciting project underlining Scanclimber’s outstanding capabilities is the restoration of the restaurant on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. From 2012 to 2014, a Scanclimber construction hoist brought staff and material up to the Tower’s first level at 62 m.

“The unique challenge for this project was to secure the 9 t-capacity for a large platform (8 m by 24 m) and hoist at the first anchoring point, 61 m above the ground, something which had never been attempted before,” explains Mr. Holm. Scanclimber managed the job perfectly. Scanclimber received the IAPA award for best product and best project of the year 2013 for this Eiffel Tower project.

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