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Fast and flexible packaging


This year is a landmark year for Scandiflex as it celebrates the 30th anniversary of its foundation in 1985. Back then, it was set up by a former employee of another packaging company. He spotted an opportunity in the market for a supplier that focused more on customer requirements, quick delivery times and shorter print runs rather than large-volume orders. These principles remain the company`s focus 30 years later and have allowed it to grow into a leading niche player in the flexible packaging market with 54 employees and annual turnover of around 16 million EUR.

Headquartered in Landskrona, Scandiflex now has a second production site located 20 km from its headquarters. The company`s most recent investment was in an incineration plant at its production facility in Landskrona.

The incineration plant was built for 600,000 EUR and will significantly reduce greenhouse emissions and in addition reduce water and energy consumption. “The plant allows us to increase capacity without increasing our emissions,” says Managing Director Peter Holm. “It represents a significant investment in our future and is part of our strategic plan for the coming years.”

Roughly 85% of sales are to customers in Scandinavia. “Our key markets are Sweden, Norway and Denmark,” says Mr. Holm. “That is because our way of adding value through short delivery times and rapid response to customer needs requires that we be close to our customers. Nevertheless, we have still managed to win customers in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland and the UK, so we know we can also serve customers further away.”

As well as focusing on guaranteeing rapid deliveries, Scandiflex is also concerned with delivering a quality product. It offers high-quality printing and a high degree of flexibility regarding product design.

“We print, laminate and slit to customer specifications and supply the packaging on reels that can be slotted straight into their filling lines,” explains Mr. Holm. “We have partners that supply specific elements of the packaging so that our customers only have to deal with us.”

The company also invested recently in a new slitting line, which will increase production efficiency. The company`s packaging solutions are used for fresh and processed food, dry foodstuffs and beverages as well as nonfood products such as wet wipes.

Scandiflex is certified according to British Retail Consortium standards. “We launched a resealable packaging product last year, which has been very well received by our customers,” says Mr. Holm. “Paper-based solutions are also popular because they are seen to be more eco-friendly.”

In order to make packaging more environmentally friendly, a way has to be found to make the packaging lighter. There also has to be a strong barrier to protect the food inside and increase its shelf life.

“We will continue to develop our product portfolio to offer our clients a greater range of packaging options to choose from. We are not a major innovator, but we are small and flexible, and this will allow us to grow in a sustainable way in the future,” says Mr. Holm.

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