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Creating a signature scent


Founding Scentys in 2004, engineers Clément Jeanjean and David Suissa developed a brand new technology based on the diffusion concept, which enables fragrance to be distributed throughout a room.

“They wanted to combine cold technology with the warm emotion of scent,” explains President Pierre Loustric. “They created diffusers which can emit perfume around a 35 m² room and, equally effectively, across a 10,000 m² space.”

The perfume itself is captured in small capsules called pearls which are only 1 mm in diameter. The duo went on to develop a screen which combines scent with videos; viewers are not only able to see pictures, they can experience the respective aroma.

“That particular innovation was originally developed for Christian Dior,” points out Mr. Loustric. Today Scentys not only produces electric and battery-operated diffusers but, through a cooperation with well-known French ‘nose’ Antoine Lie, has also created a collection of 25 fragrances which reflect the ambience of building styles, evoke thoughts of particular scenarios and replicate nature.

Perfumes can also be created on an individual basis if required. “It is like a company logo,” says the President. “We even have a word for it: Logolf. It is a fragrant signal which has a strong recognition factor, like a corporate identity.”

Scentys has found its market in a range of different sectors. Large stores and shopping malls use the diffusers very effectively over huge areas to create a pleasant and distinguishable ambience for their customers. In the automotive industry, Peugeot is a key client.

The technology has been incorporated into the new 3008 and 5008 models; drivers have a choice of three different fragrances, one of which is unique to Peugeot and is also used in the company’s showrooms. Via the i-cockpit the driver can select the aroma and its intensity.

The diffusers have also found a niche in public transport where they are in use in aircraft and trains. Producers of luxury products such as perfumes, jewellery and watches also number among Scentys’s clients. “Our apparatus can diffuse branded perfumes in the clients stores,” notes Mr. Loustric. “They also use the video and aroma screens as marketing devices.”

Retail is not the only market segment that uses the innovative diffuser. A huge number of hotels and restaurants have discovered the benefits of enhancing customers’ sensory experience. Even the health sector recognizes the calming effect of fragrance; diffusers are used in mammography units for example, where the more relaxed the patient is, the easier it is to conduct an effective examination.

Scentys also produces a small diffuser, the Prysm, for use in the home. Products are sold direct to B2B customers and to end users through Scentys’s own online shop, marketplaces such as Amazon, and electronics stores such as Darty.

Customers today are very aware of possible side effects of perfumed products. “Unlike many on the market, our products contain no harmful chemicals and present absolutely no health risks,” emphasises Mr. Loustric, who joined Scentys in 2016 with tremendous knowledge of the technology sector. He also has significant international experience, an important factor given that Scentys is planning to enter the export market very shortly.

“Our main target is to increase sales,” he concludes. “We plan to achieve this partly through exports. In addition, we will  continue to innovate and create products for new market sectors. We are very creative, and our ultimate goal remains to provide sensory satisfaction through connecting emotions with technology.”

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