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On the e-go


Founded by the brothers Franz and Thomas Schachner, the company develops and manufactures electric bicycles, scooters and cars. “I built my first e-bike back in 1979,” recalls Franz Schachner, Managing Partner. “And when we began series production in 1990, it was very early in the game.”

Bikes make up the most diverse product group, and each bike can be retrofitted with electric drives. Schachner also creates electric drive kits for DIY e-bikes. The company`s electric car is the Schachner E1 – great value for money at less than 15,000 EUR. “There is also a new battery under development that is charged 80% in just ten minutes,” Mr. Schachner reveals.

Schachner explores alternative energies beyond mobility, producing small wind turbines through Schachner Wind GmbH. “I built the first prototypes in the 1970s,” the Managing Partner says. “120 turbines have already been set up throughout Austria. The electric company EVN is testing our wind turbines and may propose selling them nationwide.”

Though not related to e-mobility, Schachner`s solar cooker is the perfect example of the company`s innovative spirit. Decades ahead of his time, Mr. Schachner and his pioneering visions and designs are a USP for the company. Through him the company has vast experience and an edge over the competition. Development takes place in Austria, but since 1997 Asia has been the site of production.

“China has the jump on Europe in e-mobility,” Mr. Schachner explains. “It is gaining importance there much more quickly, so there is a larger network of suppliers and advanced technical expertise.” Schachner`s 36 employees turn over nearly ten million EUR. The company is active in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and Poland, with new markets and products in the future. “Sales for our kits and the E1 are increasing,” Mr. Schachner notes.

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