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Machines in new dimensions


The bigger the better – this has long been the credo of German machine engineering company SCHIESS. “SCHIESS has always focused on large machining centers,” explains Chief Sales Officer Alain Reynvoet. “The company has produced some of the largest machines in the world. Back in 1936, it introduced the biggest VTL ever – still a record in our industry. XXL machines still play a crucial role for us; however, we are lucky to have the flexibility to adapt to changing market needs. This means that over time, we have continuously adapted our product portfolio and developed machines further.”

SCHIESS is a reference for outstanding excellence in machine engineering and regularly set new benchmarks. Extraordinary efficiency and productivity have always been crucial trademarks.

In its early days, a company seated in Aschersleben called Billeter at that time, garnered attention when it introduced a single-column planer that was shown at the world’s fair in Paris in 1889. The development of the first grinding machine in the world was another important milestone. Until today, SCHIESS has kept up this outstanding innovative spirit in combination with expertise and competence and regularly underlines that it is ahead of the market.

“We are the market leader in terms of technology and quality,” stresses Sales Manager Andreas Borgwardt. “We even revise machines that are 40 or 50 years old. This makes us stand out.”

With a workforce of 250 employees in Aschersleben, SCHIESS turns over 45 million EUR annually. “Over the last three years, we have seen very positive and dynamic development,” states Mr. Reynvoet. “We are very optimistic about future prospects and expect a consolidation of turnover. As an export-driven company, we operate all over the world, for instance the whole of Europe, the USA, Asia, especially China. This means we need to take into consideration the political stability of different countries. Our business is a long-term one; orders that are placed today are delivered two years later.”

SCHIESS’s product range is based on the three lines: VERTIMASTER, HORIMASTER, ASCA. VERTIMASTER 3-12, VERTIMASTER VME and the horizontal boring machine HORIMASTER come as highlights of the SCHIESS range. VERTIMASTER 3-12 enables any combination of the manufacturing methods turning, drilling and milling. Even grinding and boring are possible.

Reduced production times, outstanding accuracy, optimal performance, and a flexible modular system configuration characterize the machining centers. VERTIMASTER VME comes as a multifunctional single-column CNC machining center that provides turning, drilling and milling in one setup.

“VERTIMASTER VME impresses users with its high degree of automation and the latest technology,” sums up Mr. Borgwardt. “Not many competitors are in the position to develop and manufacture such complex machines. SCHIESS simply has the expertise to continuously introduce new and better machines. Based on many years of market experiences, we integrate top-notch technology.”

“SCHIESS can bank on the unique symbiosis of incredible experience and a strong innovative drive,” points out Chief Financial Officer Frank Well. “We constantly face new projects, and each one is a new challenge with individual requirements. Even material continuously changes, and it is essential to keep up pace with this rapid development.”

In recent years, SCHIESS has placed a stronger focus on ASCA machines, medium-sized machining centers offering high performance at low cost that are increasingly in demand. SCHIESS’s Chinese sister company KMTC is responsible for floor or table horizontal boring and milling machines offers extremely attractive value for money.

“Due to several projects with universities and leading tool manufacturers, we constantly broaden horizons,” says Mr. Reynvoet. “Currently, we are working on machines for the aviation industry. Another important project is the development of a medium-sized vertical machining center. We hope that, by the second quarter of 2017, the machine will be ready to be introduced to the market.”

SCHIESS has a clear vision of the future. “Two years ago, we developed the SCHIESS vision 2020,” stresses Mr. Well. “This vision is still our guideline. It focuses on three cornerstones, starting with new large machining centers with annual sales volumes of 15 million EUR. Another focus is placed on retrofitting with an equal sales volume of 15 million EUR. In terms of ASCA machines, we see a potential sales volume of 50 to 60 million EUR that includes innovations such as machinery for aviation. We have a broader basis here which is an important plus.”

“As we continue to strive for growth, we need to be flexible,” underlines Mr. Borgwardt. “Expanding our sales network will be one important step. Distribution partners are our extended arm. They need to be trained to meet our quality standards.”

In the future, SCHIESS will encounter many new challenges. “The whole world is talking about Industry 4.0 in production processes,” explains Mr. Reynvoet. “We participated at METAV’s theme park Industry 4.0 this year, and our concept is already quite advanced. Luckily, we can rely on highly competent staff. This strengthens our ability to continue working out advanced solutions for the international engineering world.”

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