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A firm anchor for the shipping industry


Schmitt, established in 1862 and based in the Rotterdam Port area, supplies anchors, chaincables and accessories – both its own models and those of other manufacturers – to shipping industry clients of all sizes, primarily in Europe but also worldwide.

Recent years have been difficult for the shipping industry and management efforts have had to be fully focused on the core business, leading to more stringent demands than ever on suppliers; as a minimum a one-stop-shop for delivery and installation is expected. This is where Schmitt excels.

The supply of top quality anchors and chains is the basis of the company’s offering, meeting all the technical requirements of its clients and even sourcing steel cables or specific locks and fasteners from other suppliers where necessary. It also takes care of transport; whether by road across Europe, by air to Africa or shipped to the Caribbean, the company manages all the logistics on behalf of the client.

Besides having its own quay facilities, the team can also carry out installations in other major cities like Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The service does not stop there however. Schmitt also takes away waste materials and even pays the client a good price for the scrap metal.

“We give our clients a credit for the materials we take away,” explains General Manager Xander Scheffel. “We deliver them to a used metal dealer, a company also owned by our main shareholder.”

Schmitt’s end-to-end service is not only comprehensive, but extremely fast. “We keep a stock of over 12,000 t of anchors and chains, and can react very quickly to customer requirements,” continues Mr. Scheffel. “When necessary we offer a 24/7 service; the shipping industry doesn’t close down in the evenings or at weekends, and neither do we. We have a young and dynamic team willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy our clients.”

Future plans include a new website where clients can check stock and prices themselves and order outside of normal hours to speed up response times. “We continually seek to improve our service,” concludes Mr. Scheffel. “Recently commissioned 360° research will help us understand how our clients, suppliers and competitors view us, so we can ensure we have a robust and relevant strategy for the future.”

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