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A cloud off the shelf


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SEDAM IT today operates in two different sectors. Firstly, it is a partner for systems integration for companies such as Cisco, Microsoft and IBM. Its second pillar is software development. In the early days, SEDAM IT developed its own customer relationship management (CRM) solution, as well as contact center software based on Cisco technology.

“We managed to create added value within this software to give it a real edge, and this helped us to become the leader in the region,” notes President of the Management Board Ante Jurišić. “Unfortunately, at the time, we weren't able to get Cisco to sell it around the world, which was a pity.”

The transfer of ownership took place in 2013, when SEDAM IT was ten years old. Since then, the company has focused on its new strategy, which is based on offering cloud-based services, the development of off-the-shelf solutions, and projects.

“Our off-the-shelf solutions do not require integration and therefore have the potential to be sold outside of our immediate region,” underlines Mr. Jurišić. SEDAM IT has two particularly interesting products, which it offers through two start-up subsidiaries. Paldesk is an omni-channel communication tool, integrating cloud-based chat boards such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and mobile applications, which was developed by its US subsidiary.

“We have invested heavily in this over the past 18 months and have just started selling the product,” says Mr. Jurišić. “It was a new development for us; we had to figure the whole thing out from scratch. We have just started pushing the product in the US.”

The second product is Matison, an off-the-shelf, lawful interception application which collects data from telecom services and sends it to law enforcement agencies. “We do not look at the data, we just send it on,” stresses the President. “This has been very successful in Croatia and we are now setting up a team for Europe, the former Soviet countries, and Africa where we see huge potential.” Other products include an e-learning and e-publishing solutions from subsidiary Lamaro digital, CRM solutions and credit card processing software solution Sedam Karat 24.

“We are transforming ourselves,” underlines Mr. Jurišić. “In 2017 we achieved revenues of 16 million EUR, doubled our turnover in 2014, although this was partly due to some major projects so matching that will be difficult this year. Our main resources are our people, and they are hard to find. There is still a skills shortage in this sector in Croatia. There are educational reforms planned and we work closely with universities, offering internships to students, but it will take ten years to rectify the problem. Our corporate culture really differentiates us from the competition and helps us to attract new talents. We have built a strong team and have created a great atmosphere where employees feel valued. We are very process-oriented – we keep things as simple as possible – and we deliver quality work, flexibly and reliably.”

Private and public sector organizations number among SEDAM IT's clients, including banks, and telecoms and insurance companies. Exports currently account for only 5% of the firm's turnover, but it is looking to increase this, in particular with sales in the US. “Our aim is to create a global company,” concludes Mr. Jurišić. “We know we have that potential, and I feel the responsibility to our people to make this happen.”

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