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It began in 1990 when Rafal Lipinski established the company, initially to focus on two areas: environmental protection and electronics. At the time, this was novel, and as the company developed, it incorporated new technologies and adapted with the times.

This initial structure would change through the years to encompass such areas as consultancy – specifically in the water treatment area. This specialization in environmental protection with an emphasis on water has expanded to new global arenas and has been honed further in the space of water treatment solutions.

“SEEN’s scope of supply offers the full technological line required to obtain drinking water parameters, depending on the source of raw water intake,” says Dariusz Jasak, CEO at SEEN. “We often deal with surface water intakes with varying degrees of both biological and chemical pollution.”

SEEN tackles these issues with a properly selected series of technological processes, using mainly physio-chemical methods. Such methods include coagulation, chemical oxidation, disinfection, especially infiltration, fast and slow filtration, and sorption on activated carbon or membrane processes.

“All of these small steps are vital, not only for the purification of the water but also to establish colour and taste,” says Mr. Jasak. SEEN has taken a number of measures beyond the classically accepted route to ensure that its processes are among the most leading edge in the industry. It has patented a technology called SE-LOP FLOW, which is an improvement to the commonly used filtration process.

SEEN’s approach is to increase the efficiency of the water purification process with unchanged hydraulic performance of the filters. This novel method garnered SEEN an award from the Ministry of the Environment. Mapping and illustration of SEEN technology and potential is represented in the 2015 project which was to be the replacement for what was the water treatment station at the Opole Power Plant.

This planet is the past, present, and future, and we intend to protect it. Dariusz JasakCEO
Dariusz Jasak, CEO

This titanic-sized project tasked the SEEN team with selecting the right design, construction, and commissioning of installed technological lines. The implementation of such a large undertaking showed the true breadth of SEEN’s abilities, as it required coordination of the work of several dozen suppliers and subcontractors. It was SEEN’s ability to carry out the necessary steps, from high level to granular detail, which convinced the client of its quality.

“Key milestones in the development of SEEN are the most important investments implemented for clients in the municipal and industrial areas,” says Mr. Jasak. The first of these is the modernization and reconstruction of the filter station in Warsaw, the only one of its kind in Poland, due to its importance in ensuring drinking water for residents.

The historic nature of the facility and the modernity and safety of the solutions used, is of paramount importance. The second relates to the industrial sector, in places such as the water treatment plant at Opole Power Plant, which will be in operation for many years. Such quality has earned SEEN customers across Poland, Europe, North Africa, and the world. It maintains relations and quality across these international customers thanks to its quality assurance system.

Since 2010, it has adopted ISO standards to provide customers with the highest quality service. With this certification, the company has gained the trust of the most demanding customers and contractors, while also becoming a credible partner internationally. With this strong, established client base, SEEN’s future plans include the growth of its team of talented employees and engineers.

“Reliability, creativity, and professionalism: These are the characteristics that our employees and engineers need to have,” says Mr. Jasak, “Engineers must be committed to the improvement of the environment.” This has been and continues to be the background of SEEN’s success. These successes have led to a change in image in water and sewage infrastructure both in municipal and industrial areas in Poland and beyond. This progress has been further fueled by participation in flagship investments that improve the living standards of residents of municipalities and cities, ensuring the safety of industrial plants for which treated water is a key resource.

In the scope of vital resources, SEEN has taken a lead in the most precious of them all. Water means many things to many people, and at its most basic level, it remains the element that most impacts our lives and even our bodies. “I love the network we are able to create,” says Mr. Jasak. “This network goes far beyond our collaborative partners on projects. It’s a network about creating awareness around water treatment, the possibilities, and the environment.”

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