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Sardinia’s power house


SELT has long been synonymous with profound know-how and expertise relating to high-voltage transmission lines. The construction, installation and maintenance of high, medium and low-voltage lines, fiber-optic power transmission lines and photovoltaic plants and wind parks characterize the company’s portfolio.

SELT was founded in 2000 by Mauro Bernardo Ceffa and two partners. “Prior to SELT, we worked with Terna SpA, a spinoff of Enel, which focused on high-voltage transmission lines,” explains Mr. Ceffa, Managing Director. “We first started with the construction and maintenance of high-voltage power lines with Terna.”

Step by step, SELT diversified its markets and clients. Today, its portfolio differentiates between HV, MV and LV power lines, power stations, telecommunications, photovoltaic installations and artistic works such as gates, fences and stairs made from iron or stainless steel. Complex projects in Greece, Switzerland, France and Scandinavia reflect SELT’s outstanding competence.

“In Norway, we are responsible for the construction of a 420 kV power line,” states Mr. Ceffa. “As we are currently in the project’s finalization phase and expect to complete it by 2017, we now aim to develop and realize new projects outside Italy, for instance in Germany.”

SELT is keen to continue growing – as the company did in previous years. “We started with 25 employees,” points out Mr. Ceffa. “Now, SELT employs between 160 and 180 people and generates annual revenues of 14 million EUR with an export share of 50%. We have grown constantly and have been able to satisfy the needs of global players such as Enel, Terna or Ericsson. Not many competitors in Italy are as qualified as we are. Luckily, we have extremely skilled and reliable employees. They are the company’s backbone, and thanks to their knowhow, we will be able to enter new markets and seize new business opportunities.”

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