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Driven by passion


Selva is synonymous with a broad range of high-quality marine engines and components. Its product range includes outboard motors from 2.5 hp to 250 hp. Due to the products’ outstanding quality and reliability, the company is one of the official suppliers to the Italian Coast Guard, and boats equipped with its engines have won 40 world, 65 European and 150 Italian trophies.

“We are a small and flexible company,” sums up President Maurizio Selva. “We consider our size to be a real strength. We know our customers and their individual needs very well. They are not anonymous numbers but real human beings for us. And we have established long-term relationships with many of our concessionaires.”

Selva was founded in 1948 in Sesto San Giovanni close to Milan. “Back then, we produced a bit of everything,” says Mr. Selva. “After the war, there was a lot to be rebuilt, and Selva simply concentrated on everything that had to do with mechanics.”

In the 1950s, due to the boom of cars and motorbikes, Selva started producing components for the famous motor scooter Lambretta, manufactured by Innocenti, a small but famous manufacturer located close by. At the beginning of the 1960s, Selva moved some of its activities to Valtellina.

“My grandfather suffered from asthma at that time and visited Valtellina for health reasons,” says Mr. Selva. “He eventually decided that this was the perfect location for him and the company.”

Today, Selva has 62 employees and a turnover of 15 million EUR. In Tirano, it has 10,000 m2 at its disposal plus a warehouse of 5,000 m2. Part of the headquarters in Sesto is another warehouse and a showroom. Thanks to the the passion of Maurizio Selva’s father, in 1964, the company started building its first outboard motors – today, Selva’s core competence and flagship activity.

The company is the only one offering the complete production cycle of engines and components from die-casting to heat treatment, assembly, testing, packaging and shipping. “We have continuously broadened our range,” states Mr. Selva. “We started with 6 hp outboard motors, added 12, 15 and 25 hp, and ended up with two stroke, 80 hp motors.”

Today, the portfolio additionally includes four-stroke motors. In the mid-1990s, Selva started cooperating with Yamaha and produced aluminium die-cast and steel components for Yamaha Four-stroke outboard engines. Furthermore, Yanmar, a Japanese specialist in diesel engines, asked Selva to supply complete sail drive and stern drive units.

Other highlights of the portfolio are inflatable boats with outboard motors. “We are a specialist for small motors,” underlines Mr. Selva. “We introduced a four-stroke engine with an automatic lubricating oil injection system called Sea Bass. Every motor is named after a type of fish and meets different requirements. Another highlight and a real best seller is Murena, the top product among the 40 hp engines and second to none. These engines are perfect for fishermen for instance; they are lighter and less expensive.”

Selva stands out from the market in many ways. It was the first Italian company to offer packaging solutions, and ethical values have long played a major role in the company’s philosophy. “Showing other people respect is crucial,” stresses Mr. Selva. “So when it comes to competitors, which are generally global players such as Suzuki, Honda or Mercury. This will always be essential for us. Our further development depends on many factors. We will focus on new products such as hybrid engines, and if necessary we are ready to operate against the trend.”

A newly established cooperation with Neander will further strengthen Selva’s market position. On behalf of the German company, Selva is going to produce the first turbo diesel outboard motor.

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