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As its name suggests, SEM or search engine marketing is Sembox’s core business. This new marketing discipline has come of age with the unstoppable rise of the internet and is now a vital component in every company’s marketing strategy.

“We operate in a fast-moving, dynamic sector,” says Managing Director Paola Albanese. “What has been important in the twelve years we have been active is that throughout that time we have remained true to our DNA.”

From the beginning, Sembox’s corporate DNA has been focused on performance and results measurement. This core division is joined by a complementary focus on technology and the tools used to optimize campaigns and measure ROI.

The third area of activity is creativity. Here, Sembox supports its clients in the development of communications materials and methods for analysing the user experience. A fourth area of activity will soon be introduced.

“We are developing a new division that will focus on e-commerce solutions for the fashion and luxury markets,” says Ms. Albanese. “We expect this sector to grow strongly in the coming years, particularly in the Italian market, where the fashion industry along with luxury products for beauty, interior decoration and food, are strongly represented.”

Sembox continues to think outside the box and develop new services and technologies that will facilitate its clients’ e-commerce activities.

“The prerequisite for success in the e-commerce sector is a combination of our three traditional areas of expertise,” notes Ms. Albanese. “Thanks to our experience and independence, we can focus exclusively on our clients’ success with our own, in-house technologies. Our proprietary tools are not our masters but are key to earning customer loyalty.”

With a relatively small pool of around 30 active customers, Sembox is a boutique provider in this growing market. “Our independence is possibly our greatest asset,” confirms Ms. Albanese. “Our customers have a wide choice of agencies, but they keep coming back to us.”