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A scientist and artist of sound


In its field of headphones and microphones, Sennheiser Benelux is THE market leader in Belgium, the Netherlands and Europe. “The Dutch market buys around 18 million headphones a year,” says Mr. Kortenhorst. He has been working at Sennheiser Benelux for seven years now and is responsible for the sales in the Benelux region, for technical services & support, and brand communication and activation.

“It is estimated that the average household in the Benelux region has at least two to three headphones used with MP3 players, iPods, iPhones and computers. All of these electronic devices need good audio systems, and we at Sennheiser have what it takes to meet these expectations. The first wave of Sennheiser’s success in recent years was initiated by the introduction of MP3 players; the second wave came with smartphones and the third one with unified communication of office market software integration systems and unified software phone communication systems. All these technological breakthroughs had a big impact on Sennheiser’s past and current success in headphones/headsets.”

Sennheiser’s headphone and headset capabilities for private audio are music and portable entertainment, high-end gaming, travel, TV, Internet telephoning, home audio, assistive listening, and others. The professional audio capabilities cover many application areas such as studios, DJs, stage and monitoring, broadcast, aviation, call centers, and offices.

One of the biggest best sellers of Sennheiser is the HD 800. The pioneer headphone is a real intimate listening experience. This flagship model has the perfect sound for the audiophile, boasting a realistic and natural sound field with minimal resonance. With an open and dynamic stereo headphone with a three-layer material headband, the HD 800 is a class of its own.

The HD 25 Amperior evolved from 20 years of history to be the highest quality of its kind. The HD25 Amperior is a consumer version of this legendary professional HD25. It is acknowledged as the best monitoring headphone for DJs, music mixers and music recorders. “It produces the purest reproduction of sound in the market,” says Mr. Kortenhorst. “Therefore, professionals still regard the HD25 as the best product available at the moment.”

Sennheiser’s wired microphone range and capabilities are designed for vocal and presentation, guitar, bass and amps, brass instruments, wind instruments, drums and percussion, piano, broadcast, and others. The company’s wireless microphones are used for vocal presentations, wireless monitoring, guitar, bass, amps, brass instruments, wind instruments, and others.

The 9000 series is Sennheiser’s latest professional line of wireless systems. This highly anticipated series was just launched in September. “The 9000 series represents the ultimate wireless microphone system worldwide,” says Mr. Kortenhorst. “It is the only fully digital microphone system without any audio compression in the market that is extremely efficient in refrequencies use. Moreover, it provides perfect reliability of A to B transmission, as Sennheiser has been known for for years. We just presented the 9000 series at this year’s IBC broadcast exhibition in Amsterdam.”

Also, Sennheiser offers integrated systems and audio solutions for many different applications and settings such as conference and board rooms, guided tours, universities, offices, presentations, hotels, multipurpose halls, houses of worship, governments, museums and factories. The sound specialist markets and distributes its consumer products (= headphones) through consumer electronic retail chains accounting for over 50% of the company’s turnover.

Sales through independent stores and mass merchandisers generate the remaining 50% of the annual turnover. The allocation between online versus offline sales is 1 to 5. Sennheiser professional audio products such as microphones and conference systems are distributed via a fine web of pro audio-specialised dealers and system integrators. In addition to product excellence, integrity, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, empathy, passion, curiosity and openness are core values of the company’s business philosophy.

“We are very passionate about our products, fostering innovation and excellence in all we do,” adds Mr. Kortenhorst. “Our goal is to keep true music lovers, purists and perfectionists happy and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The pursuit of perfect sound! But of course, our employees, customers and dealers are crucial to our success as well. They are true experts and ensure our leading position and excellent reputation.” The story of Sennheiser is a dynamic story of innovations and firsts. No wonder the name is now a synonym for creativity and innovative spirit in professional audio.

Originally, Sennheiser was founded by Professor Dr. Fritz Sennheiser under the name Laboratorium Wennebostel back in 1945. Only one year later, he launched the first microphone DM1 produced for Siemens. In 1947, the first in-house microphones were developed. The 1950s saw the invention of wireless microphones and microphones for movies and television.

In the next decade, the company’s focus expanded and the first loudspeakers and headphones were introduced. In the 1980s, Sennheiser brought out the first studio microphones. Also the first headset was presented as well as a new generation of wireless microphones. In the 1990s, the company added wireless headsets and microphones to its product range. The new millennium started with more development in wireless microphones, earphones and high-end headphones.

Today, Sennheiser Benelux is based in Almere (NL) and Brussels (B). With a staff of 62, the company achieves an annual turnover of around 30 million EUR. Of course, the dynamic sound artist is not going to rest on its laurels in the coming years. Sustainable and profitable growth will always stay at the top of the company’s agenda.

“We will enhance local brand activation in line with premium brand positioning,” says Mr. Kortenhorst. “We will always strive to understand Benelux consumers and their changing needs. In order to meet or even exceed their expectations, we will continue to surround ourselves with the best talents available.”

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