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The welding professionals


Serimax was founded in 1974 and celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014 by looking back on four de-cades of unbroken growth. Initially founded as an offshore welding specialist, its area of expertise has expanded to cover onshore work as well, with numerous successful projects to its name. Demand for its expertise has never been higher, and the company is now regarded as the leading service provider in its niche.

“In 2014 alone, we worked on 118 different projects in 19 countries, completing 143,837 welds,” says Vice President Sales & Marketing Kenny Coutts, who joined Serimax in December 2008 as Vice President of the EMEA/CIS region. He brings 28 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, including ten years in the Asia-Pacific region, to his role. He progressed to his current position in November 2009 to help drive sustainable growth and internationalization.

“It is difficult for us to expand our business much further within our core activities as there are only so many projects being undertaken at any one time and that we can perform each year,” Mr. Coutts adds. “That is why we will be investing in diversifying our activities, evaluating potential acqusitions and collaborative partnerships such as joint ventures over the next three to five years. The sector is currently experiencing something of a downturn, but we are looking at it as an opportunity to consolidate and expand.”

In June 2010, Serimax was acquired by Vallourec, the world leader in premium tubular solutions. The merger allows Vallourec, a product-oriented company, to offer combined pipe manufacturing and welding services. “We function as an autonomous business unit within the Vallourec Group, providing welding for all types of material and clients,” says Mr. Coutts.

Serimax has one of the largest portfolios of specialized pipeline welding equipment in the world, consisting of over 500 dual head Saturnax welding bugs, 120 pipe-facing machines and 130 internal line-up clamps. The company offers both manual and automated welding services and guarantees the highest possible quality. Its fleet can be used in a variety of different environments, ranging from ultra deepwater and arctic offshore locations to tropical or desert conditions.

“Our knowledge base covers offshore from seabed to surface, spoolbase, multijointing, subsea fabrication, landlines and onshore fabrication,” outlines Mr. Coutts. “The demands are constantly evolving, which is why we invest heavily in R&D to ensure that we can continue to meet the challenges of tomorrow.”

Serimax has its own dedicated team of 40 R&D specialists and recently invested in a new welding technology centre in Paris to ensure it continues to lead the market when it comes to quality and innovation. The new centre is now open and in full action, focusing on customized projects.

Serimax employs 1,200 people at twelve sites worldwide and generates annual turnover of 160 million EUR across its five regional bases in Northern Europe, EMEA, CIS and Asia-Pacific as well as South and North America.

“We have to adapt to different markets and different customer requirements,” says Mr. Coutts. “Most importantly, we have to be available around the clock with the right infrastructure to hand. Troubleshooting is hugely important when working in unstable or challenging conditions. Our customers have to know they can rely on us.”

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