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Bags of trust in surgical suction


Founded in 1973 as a manufacturer of diverse plastic products, including plastic piggy banks, Serres created the prototype for the suction bag in 1978 in the kitchen of the founding family. This experience led to Serres developing a completely new construction for suction bags, which has today become the firm’s main product.

“A hospital has to deal with the suction of many different fluids,” Carsten Franke, Area Manager for North and Central Europe, points out. “Often this involves the use of suction bags in serial connection, one after another. The bags then have to be collected and disposed hygienically, so that staff are not exposed to any risk of infection. The bags that we manufacture today have, of course, changed over time, but in principle, the design is still the same as the original product. This is the basis of its success. Our suction bags have become a product that customers trust.”

The design may not have changed much, but that does not mean that Serres has not moved forward during the past 40 years. Innovation is a key characteristic of the company. “When a customer says we need something, then we do it,” Mr. Franke underlines.

Serres’a latest major innovation, the Serres Nemo fluid disposal device, allows healthcare staff to empty the suction bag’s content into the sewer quickly and safely. Normally, bags containing two or three liters of fluid have to be transported and burnt. Serres Nemo allows the amount of waste to be significantly reduced by emptying the bags and reducing their weight from 3 kg to around 70 g, thereby saving on transportation space and costs.

“Originally, we made and supplied plastic bags, now we supply a complete system from suction to disposal,” says Mr. Franke proudly. Serres’ latest innovation – a new solution for fluid management – will be launched soon.

Mr. Franke attributes Serres’ success to a number of factors. “Our pioneering spirit in terms of new innovation has played an important role,” he says. “We are the progressive leader in smart fluid management solutions around suction, and we focus our expertise on developing new products and progressive solutions that healthcare professionals can rely on in any situation. We continuously seek to enhance the whole process, from efficient fluid collection to the safe and cost effective disposal of the resulting waste.”

Exports account for over 95% of Serres’ annual turnover. Its products are distributed in over 50 countries on all continents. “We have formed extremely close connections with our distributors,” stresses Mr. Franke. “This is a critical element of our company culture, which extends to our staff too. You sense the trustful, progressive, environment here, and feel being part of something special.”

Digitalization is impacting the healthcare sector as much as any other, providing operating theater automation and new medical possibilities. “One trend is an increasing number of minimally invasive operations on joints,” says Mr. Franke. “Another is for more fluids to be used. We are aiming to further increase our presence in this sector,” Mr. Franke sums up. “We are leading the field in developing the market and we will continue with our progressive, innovative approach.”