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Rostock calling


“We have been fixing home electronics since 1982,” says Volker Baumeister, the managing director and founder. “But today, we are partners to famous brands like Sony, Toshiba, Samsung and Philips, and offer a wide range of services.” With 130 staffers, Service Center Baumeister deals with 2,000 pieces of equipment a day. It makes 10 to 12 million EUR turnover a year. Yet it began as a workshop run by husband-and-wife radio and TV technicians, mending sets for local residents.

When communism fell in 1989 and the economy emerged from decades of state control, the Baumeisters saw the chance to grow their business, offering services to large industrial players. They gained the first partners in this way in 1990.

Since then, Service Center Baumeister has expanded its facilities to match growing turnover. The most recent addition in 2011 boosted operating space to 5,000 m², including extensive warehousing.

“Some items are fixed at our premises, but often we repair a TV set at the customer’s location,” Mr. Baumeister says. “We also fix vacuum cleaners, blenders and coffee machines – more than a hundred of them every day. That is a complex device, so it makes sense to have servicing provided by a specialist.” Service Center Baumeister undertakes guarantee service for its industrial partners, either repairing or replacing a component based on its value and situation. “Usually, electronics are under a two-year warranty,” Mr. Baumeister says.

The company makes few sales outside Germany, with exports making up 10% of revenue. And Mr. Baumeister says there is underexploited potential in another method of selling to foreign buyers: being a service partner for Asian producers selling goods in Europe.

Satisfying and communicating with customers is crucial given Service Center Baumeister‘s business model. The company has even entered into an innovative project with Rostock’s university, ensuring its communication is based on outstanding research. Reliability and flexibility are among the qualities Mr. Baumeister says the company offers. For the future, Mr. Baumeister says there are at least two ways in which the company could exploit growth opportunities.

“There are chances for us to export more,” he says. “At the same time, there is more we could be doing for our existing clients. We are a service company – and there are always additional ways in which we can be of service.” Regardless of how appliance technology develops in the future, Service Center Baumeister is dalled in and coming in loud and clear.

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