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Building with safety in mind


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Part of the SFS Group AG based in Switzerland, the Swedish branch of the firm is responsible for the production of injection moulded plastic parts, but is active in four distinct areas: steel building, flat roofs, timber construction and building components.

“This means we are working for clients that build with steel, concrete and wood, which pretty much covers the whole market,” says Jens Hagfors, Managing Director. One reason SFS intec is able to have a strong presence in every market sector is because the business is all about innovation.

The firm frequently brings new solutions to problem areas, which help simplify the work for installers and usually make it faster to construct the projects, saving time and money. This is especially true in the fabricated housing industry. Many developments, such as developing new shapes using the deep drawing technique, originated within the company.

In terms of sustainability, SFS intec AB makes sure that all products used are recyclable and do not use hazardous coatings. Furthermore, the firm has decreased the size of the boxes it uses to ship materials. As a whole, the parent company is a global force, active in Europe, North America and Asia.

To cut down on CO2 emissions, the firm uses local production. For example, all products made for Europe are produced within Europe. Other than being environmentally focused, the business also focuses on installer safety systems.

“We not only factor in the safety of the installers doing the building, but also the safety of inspectors that sign off the work and for other service related workers,” explains Mr. Hagfors. This may include installing fixed safety systems, such as wire systems where the users can easily clip on, and enter and exit wherever they need to in order to increase worker’s safety.

Future plans include expanding the product range, doing more business in the prefabricated models sector, offering more training workshops and looking for ways to further benefit the customer by developing even better solutions to various industry dilemmas.