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SIEMAG TECBERG is synonymous with innovative building systems for underground mining applications that combine the best possible quality with maximum economic efficiency.

As a one-stop-shop for the development, planning, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complete hoisting systems for both, underground and open pit mines all around the world enjoying an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and availability.

The company offers shaft and heavy duty hoisting systems as well as mine and tunnel cooling that are second to none. Highly qualified and committed employees who regularly demonstrate their ability to think ahead of the market are critical to the company’s dynamic development.

“Over the last years, projects in China and Russia made up more than 70% of turnover,” explains Executive Vice President Detlef Scheppe. “For many years, the business really boomed in these countries. Now, we need to face new challenges in Russia. The unstable political situation has a deep impact on our business. There are mainly three factors that need to be considered – sanctions, currency issues and the fact that Russia aims to generate more national added values especially when it comes to high-end technologies such as the mining industry. At the moment, nobody knows how things will go. This makes the Russian market quite difficult at the moment. In Germany, the mining industry is declining as well and by 2018 Germany will even shut down its remaining black coal mines. However, other markets are doing very well. In South Africa and the United States of America we are not only installing new plants and technologies but concentrate on renovations as well. This is a new business challenge that becomes more and more important. There is still a constantly growing global demand for resources and it is met by the development of raw material mines at ever increasing depths. Efficient shaft and inclined hoisting systems with challenging technical dimensions pose future challenge. At the same time, we see an increasing demand for high-performance mine cooling systems. We are ready to deal with these challenges. Our aim has always been to watch out for challenges and to transform them into innovation and growth for our customers.”

SIEMAG TECBERG is in the position to reach this goal as it banks on a tradition of 140 years. The world’s leading mining and energy industries rely on the company’s outstanding know-how and experience whose roots date back to 1871 when operation as a blacksmith’s shop and mining industry supplier in Siegerland, Germany.

The company continuously extended its portfolio in the field of shaft hoisting technology through acquisitions and organic growth. Until 2007, the company was part of the division Mining Logistic Systems of Siemag GmbH.

Due to the management-buy-out initiated by Jürgen Peschke and Ian Bailey, today, SIEMAG TECBERG is an owner-managed company with flat management structures. In 2009, it moved from Netphen to Haiger, where our new headquarters with assembly plant were constructed.

The following years were dominated by an ongoing growth process due to the acquisition of companies such as Nordberg and Winder Controls and the foundation of affiliates abroad.

“We need to be close to raw materials,” states Mr. Scheppe. “This is why we strengthened our international presence and built plants in Poland, Australia, South Africa, China and the United States.”

Today, SIEMAG TECBERG has around 430 employees, 200 of them are working in Haiger. “50% of our employees are highly qualified engineers and technicians,” states Mr. Scheppe. “Their motivation and know-how are the backbone of the company and a key to the excellent reputation of our products and services. We are talking here about business volumes of around 130 million EUR per year and we have consistently grown over the last years. In terms of innovation and technology-wise we are the worldwide leader.”

SIEMAG TECBERG’s portfolio is based on the two business units hoisting technology and automation and service. In terms of product groups it differentiates between shaft hoisting resources, heavy material and disposal technique, underground cooling and automation technology.

The company supplies skip and cage hoisting systems for vertical and inclined shafts, open-pit hoisting systems, waste disposal technology and fluid transportation systems.

“The boom in the extraction of raw material did not come as a surprise for us,” says Mr. Scheppe. “We recognized this trend at an early stage and were well prepared to adapt to market needs. So far, we constructed more than 200 complete systems for underground mining and more than 1,000 hoists. We have been involved in many prestigious projects such as the construction of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland or the South Deep Gold Mine in South Africa and due to several acquisitions we operate as a system provider. Maximum safety, performance quality and availability of the systems supplied are key characteristics of our job. As we concentrate on the final erection of the plants we cooperate with selected suppliers working according to our strict quality standards. This way we can guarantee the delivery of outstanding solutions. It is important that we support customers from prefeasibility stages to the final commissioning. Part of our services are the delivery of spare parts, needs analysis, inspections and repairs, after-sales support, maintenance and refurbishment.”

SIEMAG TECBERG is active all over the world with China, Russia and South Africa as its most important markets. “All markets have different needs and rules,” underlines Mr. Scheppe. “In India for instance we deal with easy solutions while in other markets high quality plants are highly valued. At the moment we are working on two exceptionally challenging and complex projects in China. Two of the biggest hoisting machines are about to be completed. They will be able to transport up to 55,000 kg which is unique on the market. We really like challenges like this one; it is motivating and inspiring and results in innovative solutions.”

SIEMAG TECBERG uses international fairs in South Africa, Australia, China, Poland, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Myanmar, Mexico, Peru and the United States to recruit new customers. Besides, it organizes customer days, conferences and road shows to showcase its outstanding projects and launches articles in the press to catch the attention of potential customers.

“We really listen to customers,” sums up Mr. Scheppe. “This distinct customer orientation is a strength of the company apart from expertise and innovation. Our references with well-known international customers clearly demonstrate our prominent market position. Despite our excellent reputation we actively look for new challenges. We don’t wait until a customer contacts us but we are active beforehand. We observe markets and constantly improve our network of loyal partners. This will help to further strengthen our market position. However, we are aware that market conditions are far away from being ideal. Unfortunately, prices of raw material have sluggished and there are vital discussions about coal power plants and their future potential not only in Germany but also in China. This is a problem because it significantly slows down licenses and authorization processes. Albeit, we are still optimistic about future perspectives and we are always thrilled to encounter new challenges.”

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