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Dedicated to human health and well-being


Founded by Emilio and Dr. Claudio Cavazza in 1957, sigma-tau and its subsidiaries, now the Alfasigma Group, started research on a large and systematic scale in the 1980s. The development of carnitine supplements for the preservation and improvement of human health and quality of life proved particularly successful and encouraged the establishment of major research centers and operations in the fields of chemical research, pharmacology, cell-physiopathology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, oncology and malaria treatment.

Moreover, sigma-tau is dedicated to providing novel therapies for the neglected needs of patients with rare diseases and places considerable scientific resources behind the discovery, development and distribution of corresponding compounds, thus creating irreplaceable therapy options.

Headquartered in the Italian town of Pomezia to this day, sigma-tau has grown into a leading international pharmaceutical organization that employs well over 1,350 men and women at operating subsidiaries in Europe, the United States and India.

The independent family company focuses on high-quality prescription products. The offer is complemented by non-prescription medicines and dietary supplements that help to support the normal functions of the human body. The first operations in Switzerland date back to 1985.

“Since those early days, our portfolio has expanded continuously, and our sales volumes have grown accordingly,” says General Manager Tytus Litynski. “The products we are able to supply to clinics, hospitals, specialists and general practitioners today are well-known and appreciated. Of course, we benefit from the excellent reputation of sigma-tau pharmaceuticals and the trust our customers show towards our representatives and the company.”

At present the offer concentrates on ten products tailored to the requirements of the Swiss market, most of them prescription-bound. Lodine, for example, is an effective rheumatic and post-operative pain treatment, Eltroxin helps to treat thyroid problems, and Proxeed Plus is prescribed to improve male fertility. Complementing the range of prescription drugs, sigma-tau Pharma is determined to expand its offer of OTC products and dietary supplements in future.

“Our independent status allows us to look for new business opportunities and operate in new fields of business, provided we are in agreement with the group strategy,” points out Mr. Litynski, who views strategic planning as a welcome challenge. “In this manner we are able to influence the future development and strategic orientation of our company. We even have the opportunity to create our own, local and individual product portfolio, based on a specific analysis of the Swiss market.”

Having gained the trust of medical practitioners, health specialists, nutrition experts and patients alike, sigma-tau Pharma will continue to make the best results of research and development available to its growing clientele. The support of highly qualified and motivated employees, product diversification and good, regular customer contact are the assets that contribute to the management’s optimistic view of the future.

The recently launched partnership with Alfa Wassermann, another Italian family enterprise with a complementary geographical spread, is bound to benefit all parties involved and will even enhance the sound standing sigma-tau products have gained in the competitive pharmaceutical products world.

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