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Connecting aircraft


“Our SITA on air concept does not focus on internet or in-flight communications, on business functions and applications or just pilot communications,” explains Murray Smyth, Vice President Sales Northern Europe. “Here, we use our full experience in communications technologies. SITA on air enables real-time communication between the crew, the passengers, the cockpit and all systems that contribute to the flight experience. With SITA-on-air the idea of the connected aircraft has become reality.”

SITA is a household name among airlines and airports and a demanded partner of several governments. The company was founded by the eleven leading European airlines back in 1949.

Today, SITA has 430 members, a staff of 4,500 worldwide and achieves an annual turnover of around 1.6 million USD. Rooted in the communications and networking area, SITA is the leading provider of information technology services in the airport sector.

Also, the company is leading in communication services. “We offer solutions for airports and airlines, passengers, cargo and airfreight systems,” says Mr. Murray. “Yet, our systems are also used in other markets, for example in the leisure industry.”

Accounting for one third of the group’s revenues, Europe is a key market for SITA. Also, the company is active in the Middle East, in Africa, India and in the Asia Pacific region.

At present, SITA is enjoying high growth rates in Eastern, Europe, Russia and America. “We are strong in India,” says Mr. Murray. “We collaborate with all airports in the region. In the Gulf area, there are promising perspectives, too. There are some high-growth airlines.”

SITA will stay true to its roots and lay great emphasis on technological innovation in the coming years. “Yet, it is a long way to affect the customers’ travel experience,” says the Vice President. “We expect to grow at double digit rates in the coming years and are determined to play a leading role in aviation communications and networking. We are specialists in our field and owned by our industry. This specialisation is an important competitive advantage for us. Therefore, we will stay true to our original mission.”

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