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Pure water from a magical region


“Montcalm water is exactly what nature gives us,” explains Jean Degaey, who is in charge of thisunit. “Our water is sourced in the mountain region south of Toulouse, 1,100 m above the Auzat Valley. There are no buildings there at all, the area is pure nature. The precise location of the source is secret – we protect it very carefully, and no one is allowed to access the area. The water itself has no contact with the air; it is bottled at source, and therefore does not come into contact with any form of pollution. The drinking water in the whole region is of exceptional quality.”

The huge emphasis on nature belies the fact that a huge amount of research has gone into the creation of Montcalm’s product. Founded in 1990 with the aim of producing high quality water, the company spent much time to investigate water quality and its impacts.

Independent of the company’s own research, the scientist professor Louis Claude Vincent spent 20 years on water quality investigation and further 10 years on investigating the subject of the optimal consistency that water should have to be optimally digestible for human organism.

He concluded that many heart conditions are the result of poor water quality. His research showed that Montcalm natural, pure mineral water is the perfect water. It has a very low mineral content and contains very few dissolved components, too many of which overburden kidney function.

This also promotes the water’s resistivity, which improves the elimination of toxins from the body. “Water is incredibly important,” underlines Mr. Degaey. “If you drink water that is not compatible with the body, then the body has to work very hard to absorb and digest it. We choose a water more for what it helps flush away than for its content. You can find out for yourself what is in the water you drink. If you let 1 l of water boil away, what remains in the pan are the minerals.”

The extensive knowledge of water, minerals, and the impact they have on health that the organization has accumulated through Professor Vincent’s work has enabled it to enter the organic water market. “The purity and quality of Montcalm, plus the low sodium content makes it especially suitable for the preparation of baby food,” explains Mr. Degaey. “Montcalm is easily digestible and is the perfect water for a balanced diet for everyone.”

The concern produces several million bottles of Montcalm mineral water every year, which is sold in three different bottle sizes: the 1.5 l standard bottle is the best seller; 0.5 l and 5 l packs are also available. Even the bottles are true to the company’s philosophy; they are made from recycled plastic, making them ecologically sound and gentle on nature.

Montcalm also tries, as far as possible, to distribute the water using the railway network, another initiative designed to protect the environment. Montcalm water is sold primarily through specialist organic food shops, and to a lesser extent, in restaurants, across France.

The company also exports approximately 5% of its production, mainly to neighbouring countries,including Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. “As far as our customers are concerned, the quality of our water makes the difference,” stresses Mr. Degaey. “Quality is everything. Our goal is not to be the market leader in terms of the quantity of water we sell. Far more important to us is that we retain the high quality of our product.”

Mr. Degaey believes the demand for high-quality bottled water is still on the increase. “These days, consumers are far more careful about the water they drink,” he points out. “There are many brands of water, but a growing number of people are focusing on the quality of their water. They ask very searching questions, in particular about the quality of tap water, and whether it is really a good idea to drink it.”

The organic market remains Montcalm’s focus, and new customers in this sector are its target. Mr. Degaey is responsible for customer care, and is highly motivated, both by his job and the product he sells. “I have something very concrete here,” he sums up. “The quality of Montcalm water is also very concrete. It comes from a magical region, where no human activity is to be found. Montcalm is simply special.”

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