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Packaging a perfect marriage


“Sogameca generated around 50% of its turnover through Synerlink,” explains Synerlink Vice President Arnaud Briere. “We produce machines for manufacturing yoghurt containers and Sogameca supplies state-of-the-art cutting tools which are integrated into the production line to separate the pots. We wanted to secure this know-how for our portfolio to give us a strategic market advantage and a basis for future growth.”

Sogameca, which will continue to operate under its own brand name, was acquired in November 2016 as a 100% subsidiary of Synerlink which, in turn, is part of the American Barry Wehmiller Group.

In addition to its cutting equipment, Sogameca produces bespoke machinery for the secondary packaging market, another reason for Synerlink’s interest in the company. Sogameca also undertakes machine maintenance and repairs which, in the past, was not a high priority but, thanks to the resources of the new mother company, is set to be the subject of more intensive focus in the future. Sogameca will also be in a position to leverage Synerlink’s broad international market.

“Yoghurt production in Europe is relatively stable; existing plants are renovated and optimized but few new ones are built,” points out Mr. Briere. “In contrast, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East are strong growth markets. Synerlink delivers worldwide and we have local branches accordingly, offering specialized local customer service, something which really differentiates us.”

Sogameca itself stands out from the market through its innovative technology and the quality and robustness of its machinery. “We strive for cost effective production, and continually improve our processes and materials,” adds Mr. Briere.

The main goal for the future is for the mother company and its latest addition to continue to grow together. Diversification is high on the agenda in terms of the service, customer base and geographical market. “There is huge potential in the food industry beyond yoghurt producers, especially in the secondary packaging market. Our aim is to continue to acquire new companies to build out our product range and market capability,” concludes Mr. Briere.

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