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1001 kilowatt…


„A few month ago, we accomplished our first project – an open field plant of 75 kwp in Abu Dhabi on Nurai Island,” explains Managing Director Peer Haase. “The plant was mounted on sandy ground. In addition to this, the environment with extremely elevated temperatures and dryness was a challenge. Therefore, the plant manufacturer decided for our flat roof mounting system VarioTwin 4.0. Our system does not need any extra fastenings, such as pile drivers. Traditional fixings cannot be anchored into the sandy soil. The VarioTwin 4.0 only needs to be assembled and ballasted.”

"The VarioTwin 4.0 only needs to be assembled and ballasted" Peer Haase, Managing Director

Three words only – „The easy way“

In addition to the environment-independent assembly, Daniel Zywietz, Managing Director of Enerwhere Sustainable Energy, was convinced by the easy handling. “The system is almost self-explanative,” he says. “The assembly instructions only consist of a few pictures – and this is absolutely sufficient. We employ people from different regions. They speak different languages and often we have to overcome language barriers. The visual concept of Solardirekt is international. Altogether, we only needed eight days to mount the complete plant. As you do not need any additional tools, unskilled workers are able to mount the VarioTwin, too. Also, Solardirekt calculated the complete ballast volume for us. That was a great relief for us. In fact, Solardirekt lived up to its claim doing things “The easy way” in all aspects of the project.”

Enerwhere Sustainable Energy is a Dubai-based PV plant manufacturer specialising in large scale plants.

The fastest flat roof and open field assembly systems worldwide

„The easy way“describemuch more than just the entrepreneurial spirit of Solardirekt. It also emphasizes the most important characteristics of the company’s products. “easy” stands for simplicity in all product aspects. The systems and solutions can be mounted easily and quickly. They convince through reduced weight and are suitable for transportation. Click it, mount it, weigh it – done. “Our systems are the fastest mounting systems for flat roof and open fields worldwide”, says Mr. Haase. “The resulting lower assembly and transport costs are other advantages.”

While other systems of the VarioTwin product family had been sold to non-European countries already, Nurai Island was the first project abroad with the VarioTwin 4.0. “A new logistic challenge”, says Mr. Haase. The project was part of a test for bigger plants. Already, solardirekt’s excellent performance in the test project is paying off. Yet, the next containers with the VarioTwin 4.0 are on their way to the UAE. This time, the systems will be used for an open field plant in Dubai, another installation of Enerwhere.

In the coming years, Solardirekt aims to focus on the international marketing and distribution of the VarioTwin product family.

"Our systems are the fastest mounting systems for flat roof and open fields worldwide" Peer Haase, Managing Director

VarioTwin 4.1 for thin-film modules

The company also sees promising perspectives for its assembly system for thin-film modules, the VarioTwin 4.1. Suitable for almost all commercial thin-film PV modules, it is also based on integrated clamps. As well as the VarioTwin 4.0, it is easy and simple to install.

Intersolar 2017

Peer Haase and Managing Partner Manfred Brinkmann are looking forward to this year’s Intersolar in Munich which will open its doors from May 30, 2017 until June 2, 2017. The fair is the international hot spot of the international solar industry. This year, Solardirekt will focus on getting in touch with prospective international business and cooperation partners. “Already, our schedule is busy but we are open to anyone who is interested in getting in touch with us during the fair.”

In case, you would like to contact Solardirekt even before the Intersolar, you can send an e-mail to or fill in the contact form on www.solardirekt.de

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