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Fuelling the future


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“Our momentum is very good. We are growing because clients come to us now,” observes Sales Manager Angelika Lewandowska of Solumus Sp. z o.o. “We are a very competitive company, operating dynamically in the trading market of liquid fuels, biofuels and LPG solutions.”

Solumus trades high volumes of these fuels – very good quality at competitive prices – to both Polish and international clients. It is very professional and flexible in its customer service, and carefully adjusts its operations in accordance with changes in the legal circumstances in Poland.

The company is ready for cooperation with additional clients and is open to negotiations. “Our slogan is ‘We fuel your tomorrow, professionalism and confidence on the fuel market’, and that says it all,” Ms. Lewandowska enthuses. For biodiesel, the more sustainable alternative to diesel, Solumus has the German REDcert certificate. Ms. Lewandowska indicates that sustainability is very important for her clients. The product quality has to meet very specific features, and Solumus closely follows developments in fuels that help decrease the emission of greenhouse gases.

Solumus was founded in 2011 as Tesla by three private founders who have great expertise in the fuel market. In 2016 the company changed its name to Solumus to avoid confusion with the car brand. “The name Solumus is taken from the second names of our board members, Vice President Piotr Solka, CEO and President Jakub Lubiński and Vice President Robert Musiał,” Ms. Lewandowska adds.

The laws regulating the fuel market are very strict in Poland and are carefully observed by the national Energy Regulatory Office. Obtaining the right licenses to be able to operate nationally and internationally was a long and complicated process for Solumus.

“Getting our OPC license in 2012 and the OPZ concession in 2015 was crucial, as it gave us the opportunity to operate dynamically and have an advantage over our competition,” notes Ms. Lewandowska. “In 2013 we celebrated the first import transaction from Germany.”

The achievements of Solumus as a relatively new player in the fuel market are recognized internationally. In 2016, the London Stock Exchange Group honoured Solumus as an inspiration in its European Roadshow of Inspiring Companies. The award is for the best and fastest-growing European companies with the greatest chance of progress in the future.

National recognition followed in 2017 when Solumus received a prestigious award from the national newspaper WPROST. The company was named a trustworthy business partner and an ambassador of its region that supports local initiatives like sports clubs.

“Our plan for the future is to find a strategic business partner, an investor who can help us develop the company further,” Ms. Lewandowska states. “Someone who has a similar vision for the company and the market in the future. We are focusing on boosting our market share in biodiesel, diesel and gas for now, but we also see potential in supplying electricity.”

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