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Hungry for pasta


While the focus of Soós Tészta’s production is on traditional Hungarian pasta, the company also supplies modern Italian-type pasta. “We are often asked what makes our pasta stand out in the market,” says Commercial Director Gábor Molnár. “It is all about producing pasta according to authentic recipes that have been used in Hungary for centuries. We are talking about egg noodles, the pride of Hungarian cuisine. They are made with flour and eggs. We adhere to this traditional way of making pasta.”

Soós Tészta only uses fresh eggs that are supplied by reliable farmers and exclusively processed on site, as well as flour from a certified supplier.

“While many competitors use egg powder, egg juice or a mixture, we only process fresh eggs for our production,” stresses Mr. Molnár. “That really makes a difference and is in line with our strong adherence to traditional pasta making.”

This focus on quality and the acquisition of all quality standards have laid the basis for on-going success. Soós Tészta has earned itself the right to be called a Hungarian superbrand, offering its pasta portfolio to food retailers in Hungary and beyond.

“We have established close links with the likes of Tesco, Spar, Metro, Lidl, Penny and Auchan, as well as with leading Hungarian food retailers,” points out Mr. Molnár. About 60% of the company’s annual production of 5,000 to 6,000 t is sold under private label, while the Soós brand generates another 40%.

“We have divided our pasta into five categories, depending on the quantity of fresh eggs in the dough,” says Mr. Molnár. “At the top end of the range is our Premium eight-egg pasta, which can be seen as a mixture of Hungarian and Italian pasta. It has been our main speciality up to now.”

In addition, the company produces an eight-egg pasta that is popular with the consumer for soups and various other recipes. “In order to complete the portfolio, we also have a four-egg pasta and a pasta using the traditional Italian durum flour, as well as a pasta entirely without eggs.”

After last year’s large investment in its production site, Soós Tészta has been able to expand its capacities by 30 to 40%. “We have every opportunity to boost production now,” stresses Mr. Molnár. “We aim to remain a strong household name in Hungary and Central Europe. We have the means, quality standards, the know-how and the necessary drive to continue innovating a truly Hungarian staple like pasta.”

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