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A fixture in fixings


Sormat’s product spectrum spans three groups. The primary range is comprised of throughbolts and other heavy construction anchors. “That is really our core business,” says Ismo Laitakari, managing director of Sormat since 2009. “While we also have other products in that range, ETA-approved throughbolts are our main focus.”

The other Sormat products to which the managing director refers include PFG anchors, LIEBIG undercut anchors and concrete screws. “Plus, we have a fast-growing business area, namely chemical anchors,” Mr. Laitakari highlights.

The second product group consists of light fixings made of nylon, which are used in interiors and facades, for example in plug and screw combinations. The third group is more eclectic and serves the growing market for more modernized housing. Clips and clamps for wires and fiber optic cables, along with similar accessories, make up part of that group.

“A lot of copper wires are being replaced by fiber optic cables,” Mr. Laitakari explains. “We specialize in fixings for that purpose.” Greener homes also call for thicker insulation. “In Finland, it is rather common to use rockwool in a thickness of 30 to 40 cm,” the managing director says. “We develop the special fixings for that, as well.”

Founded by Tarmo Lieskivi in 1970, Sormat spent its early years as an industrial contractor. The 1980s brought the successful development of metal anchors, as well as the initial steps into the Swedish market, followed by exports to Russia in the 1990s.

In 2010, with the celebration of its 40th anniversary, Sormat invested further in R&D and was able to introduce more European technical approvals (ETA) for the EU market. “We continued that positive trend last year,” Mr. Laitakari adds. “Product developments plus the MOSBUILD in Russia – it was quite a success.”

Sormat currently has a staff of 75 and generates an annual turnover of roughly 20 million EUR. Approximately 75% of the company’s production finds its way to foreign markets. The firm’s major shareholder is the Dutch investment company Zweegers Investment. The management owns the rest.

Mr. Laitakari is pleased about the company’s outlook. “We visited the Fastener Fair in Stuttgart in February, which is important for the Central European market,” he begins the list of plans. “This month, we plan to open a logistics center in Trier, Germany, which will serve Central and Western Europe. We are thrilled about what 2013 has in store for us.”

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