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Wellness for all the senses


With wall-to-wall screens projecting images and videos that serve to enhance the experience and relax sauna guests even more than before, the health benefits of the sauna are being tailored to the digital age.

“We create state-of-the-art spa and wellness concepts that cater to all the senses for a multisensory experience,” says Managing Director and shareholder Markus Strasser. “We want to create an ambiance that sets people instantly at ease and allows them to relax completely. The secret to eliminating any potentially jarring notes is to elaborate a complete concept that covers all of the senses.”

For many of those leading highly stressful everyday lives, switching off can be the real challenge. By creating relaxing input on all sensory channels, SPA4®’s concepts are unique in its sales region and beyond. “In this part of Austria, there are many premium hotels and resorts, but the companies serving them tend to specialize in pools or saunas and not both,” explains Mr. Strasser. “Our business strategy is based on providing a total concept; one that also matches the rest of the hotel.”

An example of this total concept in action is a project it completed for a hotel chateaux in the Alsace region of France. “We built a small cabin for four people in which all four seasons can be experienced,” outlines Mr. Strasser. “Physical effects created by pumping in warm or cold air are combined with visual and aural cues to simulate a journey through the year. We can even use a combination of water jets and lighting effects to simulate a summer thunderstorm.”

The effect is surprisingly calming. At the other end of the scale is a current project for Sønderborg Alsik Tower Hotel in Denmark. Here, it is creating a 4,000 m² spa with different concept areas including an ice landscape, a mystic world, and a unique Liv Nordic® area by Raison d’Etre. SPA4® even renovated the sauna facilities on the MS Europa 2 while it was in dock in Hamburg for ten days. Its concept covered four separate cabins with the topic of the OCEAN SPA. Thanks to its creativity, SPA4® has plenty of projects to keep it busy both at home and abroad for the foreseeable future.

“SPA4® was created through a management team in August 2017,” explains Mr. Strasser. “With the financial backing of the Hofer Group, we have been able to find a way forward for the company and its seven employees in Austria and 25 at its production site in Croatia.”

The new company is also able to build on the experience of its new shareholders. Mr. Strasser has been in the business for years. His business partner and joint shareholder Florian Jaud, has 20 years of experience while the managing director of the Croatian subsidiary has 30 years of experience.

“We had built up a good customer network in the past and orders for the first quarter of 2017 were strong,” adds Mr. Strasser. “That is what encouraged us to take this step.”

Its partnership with the Hofer Group brings SPA4® the pool expertise it needed to offer its complete concepts. This is what the company’s new owners believe will make the difference to its fortunes as it moves ahead. “We offer four key areas of expertise: consulting and planning, wellness and equipment, pool and hydro solutions, and after sales service,” says Mr. Strasser. “We work with reliable local partners so that we have been able to complete projects as far afield as Ghana, Hong Kong, China, India and Saudi Arabia.”

Wellness, a word that was coined by the German-speaking countries of Europe, has now made the jump into the English global vocabulary. As a pioneer of combined spa and wellness solutions, SPA4® is spearheading contemporary developments in an area that is certain to become even more widely sought after in the future.

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