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Specialised in speakers


The Irish songwriter and political activist Bob Geldof, the management professor and business thinker Alf Rehn, the business magnate and adventurer Richard Branson, the former Finnish President and former Prime Minister of Sweden Göran Persson or the human rights activist Bianca Jagger: These are only a few names of speakers mediated by Speakersforum Finland.

“Our speakers are professionals from many fields including economics, politics, media or show business, national and international celebrities, local actors or athletes from football and volleyball to mountaineers,” says Mauri Ranta, team leader of Speakersforum in Tampere. “All in all, we have a contact network of more than 8,000 speakers, hosts and coaches for all types of events, along with our parent, the Swedish TF Group.”

The origins of the TF Group date back to 1995 when the Swedish Talarforum was established. Six years later, in 2001, the Finnish subsidiary Speakersforum was founded. “In 1995, we were pioneers in our field, and since then we have established the trend for external speakers,” stresses Mr. Ranta, “Today, we have Scandinavia’s leading network of business, political and motivational speakers.”

In 2004, the sister company Eventforum was established, enabling the Finnish specialists to offer complete solutions from a single source. “Today, we are well established in Finland with headquarters in Espoo and branches in Tampere and Oulu,” explains Mr. Ranta. “Annually, we deliver more than 1,500 speakers, and we arrange 100 turnkey events with a staff of 25, 16 of whom are with Speakersforum and nine with Eventforum. Last year, we recorded a turnover of 3.5 million EUR each. Our employees are very experienced: Nearly half of them exceed that famous 10,000 hour rule in this field.”

At present, Speakersforum has nearly 900 active customers, mainly Finnish businesses. “We serve small businesses with one speaker every two years with the same passion as big internationally active corporations with 30 speakers a year for domestic and foreign events,” underlines Mr. Ranta. “However, we do more than just mediating. We are engaged in finding the speaker best suited for the event and the budget. We put emphasis on experienced speakers who tailor their speeches to individual customers’ events. After each event we get customer feedback, an important tool for evaluating the speakers. There is definite growth potential for the future, as the trend for external speakers keeps growing, and we are determined to make use of the potential and further enhance our impact in Finland and abroad.”

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