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Illuminating public spaces


“It is essential to know about the customer and his special requirements,” says Managing Director Romain Morel. “The motivation of the customer forms the basis of our illumination concept. First of all, we have to understand if he wants to cut down energy costs or rather if he aims to change the atmosphere of a place by adding illumination.”

Following the request capture, Specilux inspects the location and selects the most appropriate lighting. “We provide exact measurements and simulation, followed by a selection of products. We work with a special software that simulates and presents the final installation as a 3D image,” points out Mr. Morel. “Our illuminants are found only in professional environments. This is why longevity is an issue. We mostly make use of LED light and choose the type of LED lighting that lends a warm and translucent light to the room.”

Illuminants from Specilux create a special ambience and guide customers within a retail space. “Illuminants present products in the best possible way,” adds Mr. Morel. “They can boost sales in retailing environments.”

Mr. Morel’s father founded the family company in 1993 as a production plant operating under the brand name Spececlair. In 2008, Spececlair set up a sales company. “We are still a true family company, with Spececlair as the parent company and Specilux as its subsidiary,” states Mr. Morel.

Today, Specilux generates turnover of five million EUR, while the whole group archieves a turnover of twelve million EUR. “Our products are 100% made in France. There are only a few manufacturers left in France who do everything from manufacturing up to lighting plan. Metal sheet processing are painting are done at our premises,” says Mr. Morel. “Many large chains are among our customers, including prominent names like Carrefour or Accord. I have gained practical experience in the world of theater and cinema and know that atmosphere is the key.”

Specilux is known as an innovative provider of illumination. The company is going to expand its sales forces in order to establish new contacts with potential customers such as supermarket chains, hotels, restaurants and retailing. “The second stage will be an expansion of our export activities,” points out Mr. Morel. “We are convinced that interior illumination still incorporates huge potential for professional environments.”

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