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Hidden champion on a bicycle


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Being active in the bicycle industry for almost 100 years, the company has gone through many ups and downs with the market. However, SPRICK CYCLE has always been able to adapt to the developments and demands of the consumers. “We combine many years of experience with the dynamics of new influences”, says Sören Singendonk, Director Sales and Marketing. “This way, we can provide a benefit for our customers. We are always open for changes and new trends and never stand still.”

In 1922, the company was established as producer of bicycle parts, in the 1950s SPRICK started with the assembly of bicycles. The first bicycles for cash and carry markets were produced in 1964 and the company has become an established brand within this sector. “We are kind of a hidden champion in the industry, providing cash and carry markets, but also wholesalers and the specialist trade with our bikes,” explains Mr. Singendonk.

In 1993, SPRICK CYCLE established a production facility in Swiebodzin, Poland, which operates under the name Sprick Rowery Sp. z o.o. as a 100% subsidiary of the SPRICK Group.

Sören Singendonk
"We combine many years of experience with the dynamics of new influences." Sören SingendonkDirector of Sales and Marketing at SPRICK CYCLE

Today, SPRICK CYCLE offers a broad range of bicycles, which are designed according to the requirements of the customers. The portfolio comprises touring bikes, trekking bikes, belt bicycles, mountain bikes, folding bikes, citybikes, kids bikes, and nostalgia bikes. “However, the conventional bicycle is becoming less important,” states Mr. Singendonk. “In contrast, the e-bike sector is growing steadily. We can fulfil the demands for price-oriented models for cash and carry markets on the one hand as well as high-performance e-bikes for the specialized trade on the other hand. This flexibility certainly sets us apart from our competirors.”

The high demand for e-bikes provides an opportunity for the company to become even more active in the export business, which already has a significant share of the 65 million EUR turnover. With investments in new production lines and the development of new components and designs, SPRICK CYCLE will be ready to face the future requirements of the market.