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When it gets complicated


More than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of pressure vessels and equipment, heat exchangers, air coolers, columns, filters, piping systems and skid units build the base of S.T. Special Tanks’ extraordinary success in Italy and abroad.

Giuseppe Cattaneo founded the company in 1985 – a good time to start a business. “It was a period of economic growth,” says Managing Director Giuseppe Cattaneo. “Last but not least, I was young and had lots of ideas and visions. I was brave, saw the huge market potential and wanted to make the best of it. Thanks to my technological education, I have been able to use my know-how and focus on things I was really interested in.”

Giuseppe Cattaneo quickly made the right decision: He wanted good quality products, individual solutions far away from average. And he not only wanted good products but also extraordinary service for his customers. S.T. Special Tanks has successfully stuck to this quality strategy.

Today, the company has 60 employees, 45 of whom work in Italy, and 15 in Croatia, where in 2006 S.T. Special Tanks established a subsidiary. “From the very beginning we have worked for foreign customers,” stresses Mr. Cattaneo. “While at the beginning, we worked equally for Italian and foreign customers, today, 80% of our products are delivered abroad.”

S.T. Special Tanks’ main markets are Switzerland, Germany, which represents the company’s most important export market, France and Norway. “We benefit a lot from recommendations from satisfied customers,” says Mr. Cattaneo. “We are proud of our loyal customers. Some of them have been working with us for 20 years which is a result of our constant service and product quality.”

Many well-known global players such as Technip bank on S.T. Special Tanks’ competence. Especially the oil and gas industry as well as pharmaceutical companies work closely together with S.T. Special Tanks. The company regularly launches innovative products as a result of partnerships with two universities in Milan.

“One of our latest innovations focuses on nanomolecules attached on heat exchangers,” explains Mr. Cattaneo. “This way, we are able to fundamentally improve the performance of the heat exchanger and to create added value. We are very proud of this product and expect very good feedback.”

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