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Growing with success


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Client confidence, delivery reliability and quality – Stabar’s customers value the performance of the company and have become loyal partners, who keep on coming back for follow-up projects. “We always try to offer the best to our customers,” says Sales Manager Artur Piatkowski. “That is one of the main reasons behind our success. If a customer is satisfied, then we have done our job right. It is as simple as that.”

On a property of 45,400 m², Stabar owns six production halls with a total of 15,000 m² for the production and processing of components. The company manufactures steel constructions for waste incineration plants, components for the wood industry, cement works, power plants, and other application areas.

Products are, for instance, electrostatic precipitators and bag filters, ducts, vessels and silos, supporting structures, housings, dampers and pipelines. Stabar has its own engineering office, and can create its own designs as well as realizing components according to the specifications of its customers.

In the manufacturing process, the company is also able to cover the surface treatment of the components, providing corrosion protection, painting or galvanizing, among others. After production, the staff carries out the on-site assembly.

“We especially focus on large projects,” points out Mr. Piatkowski. “In the last three years, we have carried out a project for a power plant in Opole. We delivered 7,000 t and assembled 8,000 t of steel. This has been our biggest project ever. However, we concentrate on steel constructions between 500 and 1,000 t, but we also do projects with 100 or 50 t.”

From design works through production to the assembly of complete equipment at construction sites, Stabar covers the entire service portfolio. “We try to meet the requirements of our customers,” explains the Sales Manager. “We talk to them, evaluate their problems and find solutions together. We have experienced employees who understand the market and are able to support them.”

Stabar was established in 1993 in Poland, producing components for Western European countries. With the increasing degree of specialization, the firm was able to grow steadily over the course of the years. “We have always tried to face new challenges and to meet the demands of the customers,” states Mr. Piatkowski. “Production was modernized according to the latest trends and changes in the market, which resulted in a higher level of performance and quality.”

With this focus on the resources and knowledge, the company has been able to distinguish itself from the competition. Stabar grew significantly and realized revenues of around 30 million EUR in 2017. Around 90% of the turnover is generated abroad through exports to Western Europe, where the customers value the ideal price-performance ratio.

In the future, the company plans to focus even more on pressure components to further distinguish itself from its competitors. “Those products require experienced staff, high-quality tools, premium materials and experience,” illustrates Mr. Piatkowski. “We have worked very hard to reach this aim and will keep on doing our best for the customers. They rely on us and we are not going to disappoint them. The market still offers some considerable challenges, but we are ready to face them.”

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