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Streamlining office supply solutions


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Although the sale is still in progress, Staples Germany is looking to capitalize on its strong reputation in the office supplies market by developing its new wholesale service to commercial customers of all sizes from large corporates to small enterprises. The product portfolio ranges from small supplies such as paper and toner cartridges to electronic goods and furniture.

“We are a solutions provider for contract customers, and their needs drive our service offering,” says Christian Grosse, who joined Staples Germany as Managing Director in October 2019; he is also General Manager of the Polish and Austrian companies. “The competition, particularly in the core small supplies market, is intense and we have to offer real added value in the areas that are important to our customers.”

Customer care, breadth of product range, fast availability and reliable deliveries are among those critical areas, and the company’s services strongly reflect customer demands. Staples also holds key certifications, and has a very strong and experienced team in the furniture and ergonomics segment.

Christian Grosse
We are positioning ourselves as a solutions provider and industry partner for customers, manufacturers and suppliers. Christian GrosseManaging Director

“Our goal is to grow and optimize our customer service on a wholesale B2B level, which is very different from our historical joint retail and B2B business,” continues Mr. Grosse. “We see huge potential in terms of expanding associational and institutional collaborations and platform cooperations. Our entire B2B service proposition will be realigned and expanded in a way which wasn’t possible in the past.”

This realignment will enable Staples Germany to meet the needs of the evolving market, not least as a result of digitalization. “Everything is faster, and demand for certain products, fax machines for example, has fallen. Nevertheless, we are still a very long way from a completely paperless office,” says Mr. Grosse.

German industry – the automotive sector in particular – is facing a dramatic reduction in jobs in the coming years, which will significantly impact Staples’ business. “Fewer people require fewer desks, chairs and office supplies,” admits the Managing Director. “We have to respond by becoming more streamlined while offering our customers a better and broader service and more added value. In particular, we believe our own-brand product range, which we plan to expand, is and will remain very competitive. Digitalization creates huge opportunities; the potential for growth and optimization along the entire value chain from supplier to consumer is enormous.”

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